Four Easy Homemade Detox Baths


The stress that you encounter every single day can pile up on your body system and eventually be reflected on your health. It’s very important to set aside some time even just once in a while to relax and reset your body. Soaking in a detox bath is one good way to cleanse your body and clear your mind of the stress and toxins that you encounter each day. These toxins are poisonous substances from sources such as pollution, pesticides, and processed food which, if left to thrive in your body, can negatively affect your health. Stress and toxins coupled together will eventually take a toll on your health, that’s why it’s important to relieve stress and release the toxins in your body so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated to accomplish your daily tasks. There are many different types of detox baths, each with their own benefits and goals. Here are four easy homemade detox baths you can try out.

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  1. Essential Oils Detox Bath

Adding a few drops of essential oils in your bath is a great way to heal and de-stress your body. The best part is that there are many different essential oils you can choose from and each essential oil specializes on relieving certain problems you may feel throughout the day. Thus, in a way, it’s as if you’re customizing your detox bath. Here are some essential oils you can choose from:

  • Peppermint – fatigue
  • Lavender – calming
  • Cedarwood – depression
  • Chamomile & Rosemary – headache
  • Grapefruit – uplifting

To start, add 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice to any carrier oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc. Add the mixture, as well as a handful of Epsom salts and half a cup of baking soda, in your hot bath. Soak for about 20 minutes then rinse off with a cool shower.

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  1. Green Tea Detox Bath

Green tea is well known for having a very potent antioxidant property. Apart from drinking green tea, you can soak in it in a bath to reap its healing benefits. This way, you’ll gain more energy, you’ll get more antioxidants in your system, you’ll lower your cholesterol, and you’ll feel rejuvenated. Add a handful of green tea leaves in your warm bath then leave it for a few minutes. Soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes then rinse off with a cool shower.

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  1. Epsom Salt and Coconut Oil Detox Bath

Dumping some Epsom salt in your bath and soaking in it for 60 minutes is the easiest and most basic way to get a detox bath. Epsom salt delivers a dose of magnesium which offers a number of benefits including simulating your blood flow, soothing sore muscles, and eliminating toxins. By including coconut oil in the bath, you’re also moisturizing and hydrating your skin, effectively counteracting the drying effect of the salt and hot water.

  1. Clay Detox Bath

Bentonite clay is known to effectively remove toxins from the pollutants that you encounter each day since it binds to the heavy metals and gets washed off as you rinse. Epsom salt can also draw out a variety of toxins from your body while replenishing your magnesium levels. To start, vigorously mix small amounts of water to half a cup of Bentonite clay until the clumps are mostly dissolved. Make sure you don’t use any metal for this. Use a plastic spoon and a glass jar instead. Add the clay in a bath with half a cup of Epsom salts and several drops of your choice of essential oil if you want then soak in the bath for 20 minutes. Rinse with a cool shower afterwards.

Alternatively, you can mix a small amount of water with the clay until it forms a paste. Spread the clay all over your body then leave it for 5 minutes. Afterwards, soak in the bath with Epsom salt and essential oil for at least 20 minutes. Use a wash cloth to scrub off any remaining clay on your skin.