Fruit Flush Diet: Detoxify in Three Days



Fruit Flush is a widely known form of a quick-diet (quick since it promises result in a swift three days) created by clinical nutritionist and certified fitness trainer Jay Robb. He wrote a book about this available in soft copy.

fruit flush

Fruit Flush Diet has a simple concept: you lose weight by detoxifying or removing the toxins or unwanted substances in your body. Do this in three days and lose a shocking 9 to 10 pounds right after. The promise of losing a significant load has made it attractive to those who want to lose weight immediately.

The three-day Fruit Flush detox plan created by Robb specifies what you should do during Day 1 through Day 3. Basically, it tells you that you will lose weight every two hours if you will follow the plan.

The Fruit Flush diet aims to relieve the body from digestive problem caused by the foods you eat other than fruits and vegetables. It was said that fruits are natural cleansers. Fruit consumption burns the unnecessary fats or generally speaking, it helps dissolve the toxic build-up in the body and flushes it out. The water, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and low glycemic index carbohydrates you get from fruits make it possible.

If you are a heavy eater of fast food chain products, junk foods, processed foods, other unnatural foods and if you are a heavy alcohol drinker, Fruit Flush Diet is specially designed for you. The three days of fruit diet seeks to flush out the toxins in the body built as a result of eating processed foods, drinking alcohol and consuming other non-organic products.

Fruit Flush Diet Basics

Robb distinguishes his three-day detox diet plan from a pure fruit diet due to the inclusion of lean protein. Robb said that lean protein would still supply the nutrient needed by the body’s muscle and it will help burn fats. Lean protein also gives the body a false sense of satiety or fullness which will help prevent overeating. Popular sources of lean protein include fish, chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, low-fat dairy products and beans, peas and lentils.

Fruit Flush diet also includes a little amount of vegetables in the diet. Robb said in his book that the nutrients you get from eating fruits with a little protein and sugar helps the body to not only detoxify but also improve liver function and increase energy levels.
The Fruit Flush Diet 3-day detox consists of easy steps: consuming protein shakes on the first day and fresh fruits every two hours for the next two days. The next two days also include raw vegetables and small amount of lean protein (could be protein shake) in the dinner.

The main goal is to consume only 900 to 1,000 calories a day, about 125 grams of protein during the first day and 50 grams of protein on the succeeding two days.
The recommended foods for the three-day fruit flush diet plan are whey protein, any fresh fruits of your choice, a variety of raw vegetables (usually for vegetable salad), avocado, olive oil, lemons or limes, water and meat products such as chicken, fish, lean beef.
The prohibited foods are dairy products, anything containing caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas (even diet sodas are not allowed), cooked vegetables, juices, fatty foods and sweets. Dietary supplements are also discouraged.

On days 2 and 3, the consumption of fruits shall be for every two hours for five times. For example, when you start at eight o’clock in the morning, you eat fruit again at 10 a.m. then at 12 p.m. then at 2 p.m. and finally at 4 p.m. After two hours again at 6 p.m. is the time for dinner. Robb explained in his book that by eating fruits every two hours, the sugar in the blood stabilizes.

This diet discourages any form or heavy exercise especially cardio and weight training exercises. This is because of the very low calorie intake that might prevent the body from being able to take too much task.

Advantages of a Fruit-based diet (Pros)

The advantage of a fruit flush diet is the fact that you will be able to include fruits and vegetables in your diet which is undeniably a healthy practice. All fruits contain fiber that is essential for a healthy digestion. You also get more of vitamins C, potassium and folic acid when you eat a lot of fruits. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissues. Potassium keeps the blood pressure under normal level and reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. Folic acid is important in the formation of red blood cells. More intake of fruits prevent the body from being obese, diabetic and prevents cancer.

Disadvantages of Fruit Flush Diet (Cons)

Some licensed dieticians do not support Robb in his 3-day detox diet saying there is no Science to back up the promised result of the Fruit Flush diet. Some doctors said that there is no medical evidence that fruits contain a substance that can dissolve toxins in the body. The detoxification, experts said, is the natural task of the liver, kidneys and colon so there is no other detox happening when you subject yourself to a Fruit Flush three-day detox. Experts suggest that instead of short-cutting the route to losing weight, include fiber in the everyday diet to normalize digestion and lose weight gradually and naturally.
Fruit Flush Diet 3-day detox may also cause the dieter nutrient deficiencies like deficiency in calcium, vitamin D, fatty acids and vitamins B, especially B12. Vitamin B12 is not found in any fruit.

The weight loss may also be temporary only since after the three days, you are not restricted to go back to your old diet. That is why experts encourage dieters to be consistent in including fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Fruit Flush 3-day detox diet is a very healthy diet for three days or a few more days (any diet with fruits and vegetables is healthy). But you must make sure that you are also getting other nutrients that no fruits and vegetables can sufficiently give you to avoid having deficiency problems. Also, you body will get better results if you do things slowly but surely. Doing the weight loss in three days yet going back to your old eating pattern will render all your efforts useless.