Fun Game Ideas to Play with Your Dogs


Dog owners know that it is important for them to keep their furry pals happy by playing with them, going out for walks and other activities to boost their bond. However, if you are doing the same old routine with your pet canine, they may not be as enthusiastic as you would like them to be and you might get bored easily too. If you are running out of ideas to keep your dog happy, here are some fun games to do with them.

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  1. Hide and Seek. Let your dog stay in one area while you go and hide. Once you are safely hidden, call out to your dog. If he finds you give him a treat then repeat. This exercise is ideal for pets who know the command “stay”. If not, have a family member hold on to your dog while you hide.
  1. Blanket Hurdles. It’s nice to have an obstacle course set up for your dog in your yard but if you don’t have the budget or the space for it, look around your home and you’ll find items that can be used as your pet’s obstacles. You can start by rolling some blankets for your dog to jump over. Teach your dog what you want him to do before letting him sit in one end while you stay on the other side. Call out to your dog and let him clear the blankets that you have laid out.

  1. Tug of War. There is a misconception about playing tug of war with your dog with many saying that this can cause aggression. However, when this exercise is done right, both you and your pet will be enjoying yourselves. It would be better if your dog knows the command “drop” or “leave it” which you can say forcefully if your furry pal is becoming a bit rowdy in your game. It’s okay to let your dog win from time to time because they will find the game more enjoyable.
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  1. Treat Hunt. Here’s another fun game that you can do with your dog. What you need to do is to put some treats hidden in secret hiding places in your home our outside in your yard then let your pet find them. You can store them inside toys designed for dog treats for added challenge. Just make sure that your pet is another room when you hide the treats so he won’t be able to find them immediately.
  1. Three Cup Game. Since your dog has a strong sense of smell, this exercise will be good for him. Hide a treat inside an upside down cup and add two more. Mix them up real well then let your dog choose where you have hidden the treat. Praise your pet when he finds the hidden treat and repeat the game.
  1. Name Game. Dogs are quite intelligent by nature and with a little help from you, they will be able to distinguish objects. For example, you can choose two toys and name them. Stick with the basic words first. Throw one toy for your dog to fetch while saying its name. Keep at it until your dog distinguishes the first toy. Repeat the steps with the other toy. Once your dog becomes familiar with the two, let them pick one based on your command.

As you can see, there are plenty of stimulating games that you can teach your dog during play time so that he will have his mind stimulated. Just don’t forget that your training should be fun so you two can enjoy the moment.