Growing Taller with Water


It’s true that human beings can go longer without food then they can without water. They would not be able to grow very tall without it, either, as water is one of the primary foundations of living creatures. As a universal solvent, water does so much more than sustain life and help us to grow taller; it cleanses our bodies, helps us digest food, and generally keeps our water-dependent body in proper working order.


Part of any diet or nutritional plan is to have large quantities of fresh water every day. Hydrating is the key behind many other health principals besides growing taller, so having a lot to drink every day can be very beneficial to your overall health. That’s not to say you should drink too much; while fresh water will simply go through your body and come out as urine, don’t imagine yourself drowning in drink.

How Does Water Help Me Grow Taller?

Water does not contain any special ingredient that will magically add inches to your height. Despite coming in mineral, distilled, sparkling or other forms, none of these contain any particular height-enhancing features. If you were hoping to drown yourself in water to grow taller, then reading this may prove to be disappointing.

What water can do is to help cleanse your body of toxins and waste deposits in your body, allowing more vitamins, minerals and nutrients to circulate easier. This is especially true when you are on a diet of healthier, more vitamin-rich foods; the scores of nutrients within these foods may not circulate all that well without proper hydration.

Water will not only improve the circulation of the nutrients contained in the food you eat, but also your body’s natural growth hormones. Your pituitary gland will secrete a natural human growth hormone during certain phases of your life, and may be circulated around your body better with a ample hydration.

Proper Hydration: Timing and Amounts

Your goal when drinking water is to replace lost fluids, along with getting a little extra to help regulate your body functions better. Water contained in your body is lost through:

– Perspiration – When you exercise at the gym, or take the long way home after school or work, perspiration may expel the water contents of your body.
– Urination – Liquids that you ingest, along with body toxins and waste, are expelled along with your urine every time you go to the bathroom.
– Respiration – Your lungs also need water in order to enable you to breathe properly; the simple act of breathing expels a small amount of water in every breath.

Getting enough water every day can be the key to growing taller while maintaining essential body functions. In addition to drinking after exercise or other strenuous physical activities, drink plenty when you feel thirsty. Even when you are not, try to drink a glass or two to keep your body in optimal shape.

Doctors and health professionals recommend that the average person get about 8 glasses of water each day. If you are really keen on getting the exact amount of water that your body needs in order to grow taller, then you can try a simple calculation based on your body weight:

Soccer Player Drinking water during a break

– Take your total body weight, and divide it into half. If you weigh 120 pounds, then this number will be 60.
– You don’t need to drink 60 pounds of water every day; that would be excessive. Convert this number into ounces, so that you end up drinking 60 ounces of water a day.
– Factor in any exercise you do in a day, as well as the general climate of your area; you may have to drink more to replace lost fluids.

Water can even come from the other foods and drinks you ingest on a daily basis. That’s not to say all of them will properly hydrate you; foods or drinks that contain large amounts of chemicals or sweeteners will add extra calories to your overall diet. Pure water should not contain any of these, and goes through your body a lot easier.

Other Health Benefits of Water

Growing taller can also be go along with many other kinds of health benefits. One of these is maintaining a healthier overall lifestyle; water goes a long way in keeping your body functioning well.

Here are some general health benefits of water:

– Water is an indispensable component to your body’s natural metabolic process. As a universal solvent, it can help dispense and regulate your bodily solutes, allowing you to grow taller at a faster rate.
– Being pure and neutral in nature, water will get rid of any toxins and waste buildups in your body, and will be expelled in your urine.
– Part of regular body maintenance includes your bones and joints. Water not only helps your internal organs to function better, but will lubricate your joints for freer, smoother movement.

As you can see, water plays a big role in making sure you not only grow taller, but live a happy and healthy life too. Another benefit is that water is the universal solvent, and is mixed with nearly any palatable substance to make a tasty drink with.

While the lure of sugary, sweet beverages may be appealing, you should also be sure to have fresh, clean water in between. Nothing can quite replace a cold glass of water, regardless if you would like to grow taller or not.