Health Benefits of Peppermint

Image from Z Living

Peppermint has numerous health benefits that many are not completely aware of. Most are aware that peppermint is a component of many tooth pastes because of the presence of menthol not to mention that this leaf can be drank in the form of tea. Peppermint essential oils are usually popular in many households but there is more to peppermint than these. Here are a few health benefits that you can gain from it.

  1. Treats headache and nausea. If you often experience headaches or nausea even, a quick way to find relief is to use peppermint oil. Using diluted peppermint oil, massage your forehead for quick relief. As for nausea, inhaling peppermint can help prevent it from becoming worse. Thanks to the anti-inflammatories and cooling effects of peppermint, you don’t have to worry about suffering from headache and nausea too long.
  1. Clears respiratory problems. The presence of menthol in peppermint can help clear any respiratory problems that you may have temporarily. If you are suffering from sinusitis, bronchitis, cough, colds, and even nasal congestion, inhaling peppermint can provide you with some relief. This is one of the reasons why peppermint is commonly used in many balms and rubs.
  1. Muscle pain relief. If you’ve pushed yourself too hard when working out, you can find pain relief using peppermint. Simply massage peppermint oil onto the affected area so you can release the tension in the muscles as well as clear up your head too.
  1. Improve blood circulation. Inhaling the vapour coming from peppermint oil can actually help boost blood circulation because the presence of menthol stimulates your senses and your heart which in turn pumps faster which helps improve blood flow. With better blood flow comes more oxygen being delivered to the organs including the brain which keeps you mentally alert. It does help prevent mental deterioration as well.
  1. Indigestion. For those with digestive problems, you might want to add a few drops of peppermint oil in your water and drink it after you eat to aid with digestion. Peppermint contains carminative that can help dispel the gas accumulating in your stomach. Peppermint can help treat IBS or irritable bowel syndrome because it can help soothe the GI tract.

  1. Relieves stress. If you’re suffering from stress or depression even, diffuse some peppermint oil so you can inhale its aroma. What this can do is to make you more mentally alert as it stimulates your senses.
  1. Boost immune system. Are you suffering from weak immune system? You are not the only one who has weak immune system as there are others who are experiencing colds, coughs, and flu on a regular basis. The good news is that peppermint can help boost your immune system thanks to is antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory compounds. This is one of the reasons why peppermint is commonly used in many natural treatments because of its amazing compounds.
  1. Good for hair care. Another health benefit that you can gain from peppermint is treating hair troubles like dandruff and dry, brittle hair. What’s great about using peppermint is that it helps cool your scalp when applied to relieve the itchiness. Since peppermint oil has regenerative, stimulating, and antiseptic properties, you can use it to alleviate any hair conditions that are plaguing you.

These are just a few health benefits of peppermint that are worth mentioning. It isn’t really surprising why many are using it at home especially when it comes to treating minor illnesses such as headaches, dental problems, and even muscle pain just to name a few.