How to Eat More without Feeling So Full


The need to eat more and more is a rare necessity indeed. People eat to get full, so much so, that ham, egg and bread as breakfast may tide them by until lunchtime. A well-balanced lunch consisting of pasta and a meat dish would be sufficient until dinner time. A rice dish with fish and vegetables would last a person until the next morning. There are those that may even snack in the afternoon and may proceed to even enjoy a midnight treat. Others may remain full throughout those three main meals which won’t even see them crave for a snack in between meals. These are the normal eating patterns that people operate by on a daily basis. They operate on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The afternoon and midnight snack is filler that tides them by to dinner or breakfast.

For those who have the yearning to eat more would either have an eating disorder that borders on a gluttonous tendency or the exact opposite, which is an abstemious tendency. Either way, there is a weight problem involved. This brings me to the topic how to eat more. The question concerning this is why do you want to eat more? It is either being full brings you ultimate pleasure or you want to gain more weight by eating more. If you belong to the latter, then eating more times a day is the answer. Better said than done? This is very true, especially for those people who get full after taking only a few bites out of a sandwich, or a few gulps of pasta and bread.

Getting full easily is a good thing for women who want to maintain their figures so that they may still fit into the dress they bought a few months ago or to make their new jeans seem to bring out more curves in their legs. Gaining weight seems to be the last thing they want to do. Then there are those rare situations that a woman wants to gain weight and develop a curvy body as well as bigger breasts and a more voluptuous physique. The answer to their problems is to eat more. The only obstacle is finding a way of eating more without having to gag the food intake due to being too full to eat. Here are some ways that may assist you in gaining more weight without feeling ill or sick.

Food Choices

Natural foods like fruits and vegetables are a good way of ensuring that you get the proper nutrition in your system with a minimal time of feeling full. The body digests natural foods faster than preserved types of food. Eating yogurt and nuts in between meals are a very tasty and effective way of gaining a few pounds as well. Again, the body digests these foods rather quickly, thus allowing you to be hungry again. There are many types of food that is right for gaining weight. Carbohydrates are a good example of correct types of food as far as weight gain is concerned. This means breads, rice, potato, sugar, cake, chocolate, pasta etc. Of course you will have to watch your chocolate cake intake as it will leave more glucose in the blood that can cause diabetes. So please be vigilant about eating sweets of that sort.

Another food that can be eaten habitually are nuts, calorie dense ripe fruits like Banana, dried fruits like dates as snack between meals will never render you full. So go continue eating these as you will not remain full for too long.

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Of course there’s the other school of thought that goes the opposite of healthy eating. This is the unhealthy kind of food that nutrition wise, is not healthy eating but will definitely get your weight up quickly. These will not keep you full but will be a cause of your cholesterol going up together with your weight. Breakfast foods such as eggs, toast with peanut butter, oatmeal with lots of milk, cereal, granolas, and protein bars will keep you full for a minimal time. You may also drop in your nearest Japanese restaurant and have sushi rolls. They will remain in your tummy for a short time. Beverages such as milkshakes, fruit shakes, fruit juices, coffee with a lot of milk, bottled teas, sodas, and energy drinks will help boost your weight gain in no time at all.
Junk food such as chips and buttered pop-corn when watching movies do not fill the stomach but are high in cholesterol. This will not get you full at all unless consumed in large quantities.

Having meals that consist of salad with loads of dressing and veggie burgers as the main course should also sit very shortly in your stomach.
Supplements are also a good way to enhance your appetite so that you are hungry all the time. There are certain supplements that concentrate on appetite that can be found in your nearest health store. Another example would be multi vitamins. This will boost your energy level, causing you to be more active, therefore leaving you hungry and ready to eat.

Alcohol also tends to lend a hand in increasing your hunger level. Having a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine should get you hungry. What alcohol does is that it burns whatever food was consumed. This is why you see people snacking as they are drinking. It goes without saying that you must drink in moderation. Too much alcohol may burn your stomach tissue therefore becoming more of a cause to lose weight as compared to gaining weight.

Eating Habits

Eating six meals a day will increase your weight gain as you should consume about a thousand calories a day. It’s a simple notion: the more you eat, the more you gain. If by any chance, you live an active lifestyle, then eating seven meals would be an option for you. Remember you badly want those curves.

Eat Slowly

Many people fail to eat and not get full because they eat too quickly. Remember you are not a soldier. By the time they notice their bodies sending out a signal to stop eating, they have already overeaten. Instead, eat your food slowly and savor every bite. Make sure that you chew really well so that the digestion process is a lot quicker. Have you ever notice an overweight person eating? It’s a race to get full. You must eat as if you were a marathon runner which is steady and slowly. Eating slowly is a much more enjoyable way to eat.

An effective way of gaining weight that gets overlooked is eating around right before bed. A lot of our healing, repair and regeneration takes place while we sleep. It’s the busiest time for building muscle and lean tissue, so eating a healthy snack right before bed will guarantee a fresh supply of nutrients that will be able to develop inside the body. A great option that won’t leave you feeling stuffed might be a small bowl of pasta salad made with vinaigrette salad dressing made with extra-virgin olive oil, chopped or shredded veggies, topped with lean protein such as beans, chopped chicken breast or an organic crumbled cheese. People who try to lose weight avoid eating before sleeping like a bad habit. This will prove very effective in your gaining weight.



This is a very important activity in ensuring that you don’t stay full. This is how bodybuilders get big, lean, and ripped. The idea of staying full will not be a problem as long as you push yourself to exercise. You may think that exercising will lead to weight loss. This is untrue. Exercise has long been one of the activities that skinny people partake in order to boost body fat.

You must remember that cardiovascular exercises like running on the treadmill, cycling and swimming, while good and essential in a workout, are used to burn calories and fat. It would be a good idea to limit your cardiovascular exercise and concentrate on adding weights to your exercise program. A good idea would be to eat some pasta and chicken right before you start your workout. This will convert the protein into muscles. This is good especially if you want your body to become curvy and full. The program should have repetitions of four to eight times per exercise. This is a good enough number for body maintenance. Anything more than that and you may be treading on growing too wide, which isn’t good unless you desire to look like an amazon.

Examples of exercises to maintain a good appetite are strength-training exercises which include sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups as well as exercises that use free weights and weight machines. Don’t think for one second that you will lose any weight when you do this. The initial fat burner in any workout is the cardiovascular workouts like running, jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Exercise will always make you want to eat. You must remember to lessen you cardiovascular exercises and you will be gaining more and more weight sooner than expected.