How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes


Going to the market on a weekly basis to buy your required vegetables and fruit cost a lot of money when you look at it from a cumulative perspective, wherein the sum will be quite hefty. Many people nowadays have been growing their own vegetables in their own backyard. Take the vegetable tomato as an example. The tomato plant is one of the easiest plants to grow from seeds to actual vegetable. Let us take a look how.

tomato 1

Step-by-step Procedure:

1. You must always find a spot on your garden that attracts the most sunlight. This will allow maximum access of the sun to your tomato seeds. This is where you will grow your tomatoes

2. You will need a seed tray to put in the seeds into.

3. Adding high seed-starting mix in the place that you plan to plant the tomato seed is a very important step in ensuring that you will get the best minerals necessary in growing your own tomatoes. Garden soil drains poorly and may contain disease organisms that may hamper the seed from growing.

4. Planting 2 seeds per cell will give you a better chance at growing a tomato in that specific cell.

tomato 2

5. You should sprinkle additional seed mix on top of the cell to bury the seeds. It is essential to properly bury the seeds by making sure that there are no air pockets in each tray cell. After doing this, you may now sprinkle some water on each tray cell.

6. Cover the tray and place in a warm place that 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important for germination.

7. You must check your seed tray daily for the first sprout. When this occurs, you must remove the cover of the tray so oxygen can circulate in and out of the plant. When the seedlings sprouts are two inches tall, you must cut the shorter sprout and remove. This will allow the taller sprout in each tray to grow properly.

8. Applying fertilizer once a week will help the process of growing tomatoes.

9. When the roots begin to cover the tray, you will need to replace the tray with individual pots wherein you must bury the seedlings with additional soil.

tomato 3

10. Place the individual pots back under the sun and wait for about 2-3 weeks to allow the seeds to grow. It is essential that you do not forget to add water and fertilizer constantly.

11. Upon adding water and fertilizer constantly, you will have freshly grown tomatoes within 2 months.

If at first you fail, you should not lose determination. You should constantly try to do these steps properly under a very strict timetable, wherein you do not miss a day of checking and adding water as well as fertilizer. You will be successful over time and you will be able to save more money as you need not spend on buying tomatoes any longer.