How To Make Galaxy Shoes

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There are many fashion trends out there that never seem to go out of style. One of which is the galaxy design. Galaxy bags, shoes, tank tops, shirts, and more always look great, especially during the summer season. Currently, people are relying more on their skills to create the galaxy design on an item rather than on buying a galaxy item directly. After all, doing it yourself is cheaper, more artistic, and customizable. Galaxy shoes are particularly challenging to make compared to galaxy shirts. However, it is very much doable. If you want to own a pair of galaxy shoes without spending much, you can turn your old shoes into one with just a few supplies and a couple of steps. Here’s how you can make your own galaxy shoes.

You’ll need:

  • Black canvas shoes
  • A variety of paint colours
  • Cardboard or any palette you can put the paints in
  • Sponge brush or regular sponge
  • Masking tape
  • Toothbrush
  • Sealant

Before you start:

  • Find a reference photo of a galaxy that you like. You can use this as a basis for your galaxy shoes. See which colours are used—yellow, navy blue, light blue, pink, violet, green, etc.—and prepare paints with these colours.
  • Textile paint is a smart choice in making galaxy shoes since it’s meant for fabric. However, it is not necessary. You can even use washable paint or whatever’s available. You’ll still use a sealant in the end, after all, to prevent the paint from washing off.
  • Black canvas shoes make it easier to paint the galaxy. You can use a white one too but the colours may not be as vibrant and realistic. Alternatively, you can paint any plain-coloured shoes you have with black before starting the project.


  1. Prepare your work area

Making the shoes will definitely get messy since you’ll be using a lot of different paint colours. Lay down some newspapers in your work area to prevent the paint from staining your floor.

  1. Prepare your materials

Prepare the paint colours you’ll be using by squeezing out a few blobs of them on the cardboard or palette. Adjust the intensity of the colours if necessary by mixing them with white. Combine different colours to achieve the shade you’re looking for.

Take the laces out of your shoes and cover the white parts with masking tape so the product will come out much cleaner.

  1. Start painting

Dip your sponge brush in the base colour you want for you galaxy shoes. Paint it all over your shoes without following any pattern—just make a form of what you think a galaxy would look like. If you’re in doubt, look at your reference photo and continue. You don’t have to cover the entire shoe. Dab the next colour in the galaxy before the previous one completely dries so you can blend their edges together.

If you’re happy with what it looks like, let the paint completely dry.

  1. Add stars

Stars really add the “space” effect in galaxy designs. If your work simply looks like a mess of colours now, the galaxy in it can be brought out by adding some stars.

Put a little white paint on the bristles of the toothbrush then use your finger to flick stars all over your shoes. If it doesn’t give the effect you want, you can go over the stars and make some bigger than the others for variety.

Add starbursts as well in different parts of the shoes. Start with a glob of white paint then drag out the arms of the star using a toothpick or any thin brush.

  1. Seal

Spray the sealant all over your shoes to keep the paint in place and prevent it from washing off. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer in using the sealant.

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  1. Finish

Once everything has completely dried, remove the masking tape from the shoes and lace it up. Style the shoes any way you want and enjoy wearing them.