Ideas for Recycling Your Sewing Machine


There are quite a lot of households that have an old sewing machine that has already been relegated to one corner of the attic or basement, gathering dust and already forgotten. Most likely the first thing that will pop in your head when it comes to clearing your storage is to dispose of it since you are no longer using it. However, before you decide to get rid of it, how about taking a look at the repurposing ideas listed below and see if you can’t transform your old sewing machine into something new to use in your home?

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  1. Dining table. Old sewing machines often have elaborate bases which are designed to last for a long time. With that being said, why not convert the base as part of a new dining table? Just remove the sewing machine itself and just retain the base, place a sturdy plank or board on top that will go well with the design of the base and secure it in place. You now have a new dining table that you and your family can enjoy.
  1. Kitchen island. Here’s another idea that is worth considering if you want to repurpose your old sewing machine. Instead of going for a long plank to place on top, just use a smaller sized plank to secure on top of the sewing machine’s base. You can add hooks underneath the plank to hang pots and pans if you like for easy access.
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  1. Sink vanity. Talk about giving your bathroom a makeover. If the body of your sewing machine is still in good condition, a good way to repurpose it is to transform it into a sink vanity. The drawers can be used to place your toiletries and other personal items. This will add a unique style to your bathroom space.
  1. Chair. Another way to transform your old sewing machine is to use its base to create a new chair to sit on. With a few wooden planks, you can create a backrest, seat, and arm rest on top of the base of the sewing machine. This is a neat project and one that will make your guests want to try out your new chair too.
  1. Office desk. If you need a new office desk at home, why bother buying one when you can convert your old sewing machine into one? Remove the sewing machine itself and just retain the body or remove it entirely and just leave the base. Choose a wooden plank to install on the top of the base and voila! You now have a new office desk to use.
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  1. Vanity table. What other repurposing ideas can you use to transform your old sewing machine into something useful? How about a vanity table? You can install a mirror on the back of the cover, while closing the hole with a plank so you can use it when putting on makeup. The drawers can store your collection of makeup, accessories, and perfume for that matter, so you will have an uncluttered surface to work on.
  1. Consoles. You can never have too many surfaces at home so instead of disposing your old sewing machine, transforming it into a console is highly recommended. You don’t even have to do anything except add varnish to the body of the sewing machine to make the color of the wood pop out and position it in one side of the wall and decorate it with your knickknacks or photographs. You can always save the base and use it to hold your new console in place if you like.