Ideas for Repurposing Old Laptop

Image from Ars Technica

You probably have an old laptop that you are considering disposing of as it is no longer working at 100%. But before you do say goodbye to your gadget, you might want to reconsider your decision because there are ways in which you can repurpose it.  With a little bit of creativity on your part, you can breathe new life to your old gadget in no time.

  1. Hideaway media center. An old laptop doesn’t have to be disposed of yet when you can repurpose it into your own personal hideaway media center. Since it is flat and thin, you can take it apart to preserve the keyboard. Attach it to a slide track and install it behind your flat TV and you can make use of it any time you want. Although it is not as fancy as those that you can purchase in electronic shops, this is relatively cheaper.
  1. Recipe book. Getting your recipes in order can be tough at times especially when there are others who will be using them but if you want to avoid the clutter of scratch papers scribbled with recipes online, why not convert your old laptop into a digital recipe book? This makes it easier for you to find all the recipes you need with just a few clicks plus you can even get to view videos on how to cook dishes easily.
  1. Home automation. Technology has certainly progressed in leaps and bounds and the best part is that you don’t really need to invest in high tech equipment just to get your home fully automated. If you are knowledgeable in home automation, you can make use of your old laptop to be the center of your high tech home. Just make sure that you install all the required cords, software and the like so you can make your life at home more convenient for everyone.
  1. Transform into Desktop PC. Some old laptops can no longer be used to its full potential but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything else that you can do. On the contrary, you can take your laptop apart and use the parts that are still working into creating your own desktop PC. You can preserve the monitor of your laptop then get a CPU for your keyboard and mouse and that’s it.
  1. Donate hardware. For laptops that have truly died and gone to PC heaven, one way to repurpose it is to salvage the parts that can still be used and donate them. If your old laptop is still functional but have problems, wipe it clean first before you donate to avoid any of your personal information being delivered to the wrong hands.
  1. Convert into tablet. Do you want to have your own tablet to play with? Why not convert your old laptop into one? You’ll probably need some parts to get this done and some technical know-how too but it will be a project worth spending time on once you see the results.
  1. Mount on the wall. Here’s another DIY idea that you can do with your old laptop especially when there are parts that are not working any more. You can remove the monitor of your old laptop and mount it on a wall so you can use it as digital photo frame, a recipe book, or even an exercise companion if you need one.
Image from Consumer Reports

Who would have thought that there are so many repurposing ideas that you can do to your old laptop? With these ideas in mind, you can still breathe new life to your old gadget.