Ideas for Repurposing Old Luggages


Luggage or suitcase comes in handy when you’re going on a trip because you can put all of your personal belongings in one place. You probably have one at the moment that has been with you throughout your travels. Most likely you don’t even consider throwing it away in spite of your luggage showing tremendous amount of wear and tear. If you can’t bear to part ways with your luggage but you know that you’ll be getting a new one soon, instead of disposing of it, why not give it new life instead?

Here are some ideas on what you can transform your luggage into.

  1. Table. Vintage suitcases or luggage can be converted into a table for your bedroom or living room easily. You just need to add some wooden legs on one side of your luggage, make sure that the clasps are closed, and you’re done. You can add a lamp or other decorative pieces on top of your luggage if you like.
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  1. Wall shelves. If you have several old luggages lying in your basement or attic, another way to use them is to remove the top portion of your luggage and use them as wall shelves. Since your luggage comes in various designs, they can lend a unique look to your wall. Add some lightweight decorative pieces on top of them if you like.
  1. Ottomans. Luggage as ottoman? Yes, it is possible. First, you need to make sure that your luggage is still capable of carrying heavy weight. Add legs on the bottom of the luggage and add some cushion for the seat and there you have it! Your very own luggage ottoman.
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  1. Pet beds. If making a chair with your luggage isn’t for you, why not make a bed out of it for your pet? Remove the top portion of your luggage, add some cushion or pillows inside the luggage, dress the sides with your own decorations and give it to your pet cat or dog to sleep on.
  1. Storage. Old luggage doesn’t have to be thrown away at all because you can convert them into storages for your personal belongings. You can utilize the space under your bed if you like or use an empty closet to house your luggage filled with knickknacks and other personal items like shoes, bags, and the like.
  1. Table base. If you need an extra surface at home but don’t really want to buy a new table, convert your old luggages into a table base. Simply pile your luggages on top of one another until you create a sturdy base, add a platform on top of it and make sure that it doesn’t wobble and you’re done. Add lamps, vases, or even picture frames to dress your new table up.
  1. Craft box. For those who love to do crafts but are having some trouble keeping their things together, why not convert your old luggage into your own craft box. Add some partitions inside the luggage to store your tapes, paper, and other materials while the cover of your luggage can hold some writing pad, scissors, stamps, and the like. Feel free to let your creativity loose on this one to suit your needs.

Who would have thought that your old luggage can actually be useful even when it is old? The beauty of old luggages is the fact that they are sturdy and have that vintage look that will match anyone’s personality. For sure, you will be coming up with more ideas on how to use your favorite luggage in no time.