Ideas for Repurposing Old Washing Machine

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No matter how good you are at fixing things, sometimes appliances around the house will give up on you eventually because of age and wear and tear. Although you’re most likely thinking of disposing your old washing machine already because it is of no use to you, don’t throw it away just yet. It still has purpose if you know how to recycle old stuff around the house.

What other uses can you do for your old washing machine? Here are some that are worth mentioning.

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  1. Barbecue grill. Who doesn’t love to grill food these days especially when the summer season is coming? If you don’t have a barbecue grill at home, convert your old washing machine drum to a grilling station.
  1. Flower pots. Another smart idea on how to recycle your old washing machine is to convert it into flower pots. Use the drum of the washing machine to hold flowering plants which you can put in one corner of your garden or use it as a centrepiece.
  1. Tangle free hose. Most gardens have hoses lying around all tangled up. Keep your garden hazard free by wrapping the garden hose inside the drum of your old washing machine. Not only will this keep your hose tangle free but your garden will look so much better because there are no tools lying around.
  1. Fire pit. Another useful idea on how to convert your old washing machine into something useful is to use it as a fire pit. Just remove the drum and use it to hold wood and charcoals for your fire pit. This is perfect for outdoor gatherings.
  1. Dog house. Don’t want to spend a lot for your dog’s house? How about converting your old washing machine into a dog house for your best friend? Just make sure that it is properly ventilated and that your dog can fit inside it.
  1. Shelving unit. Remove the drums of your old washing machines and stack them. Add openings to their sides so you can use them as storage. Plus they can be upcycled to make them nice decorative pieces for the home. With a little bit of creativity on your part, your new shelves will be the perfect addition to your space.
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  1. Side table. Who would have thought that you can actually convert your old washing machine into a side table? Just add a sturdy platform on top of the washing machine drum and you can put a reading lamp and your favourite books within easy reach from your bedside.
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  1. Ottoman. This is probably an unexpected idea for you but it does work. Polish the drum from the washing machine. Add a rounded seat on top and you have an extra chair for your guests to use.
  1. Light fixture. Another great idea to consider when repurposing your old washing machine is to make it into a light fixture. Just use the drum of the washing machine, install it in the ceiling along with a strong light, and you have an eye-catching fixture in no time.
  1. Center table. If you don’t have enough surface at home, this is the perfect time to build one using your old washing machine. Again, remove the old drum from the washing machine, add some wheels at the bottom, and place a rounded glass or wood on top and you’re done. You now have a new table to add to your living room.

As you can see, even old washing machines still have a purpose. You just need to think up of ways on how you can convert your old appliance into something useful.