Lose Weight With These 6 Super Foods In Your Diet


There’s a saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” And perhaps there is some truth to it that’s why it’s no wonder that for most days you feel like an overstuffed, greasy pizza more than a lean beef.

For most people, that saying is not lost on them and that is why many have taken to great lengths to change their diet and their lifestyle. However, recent studies have shown that eating clean may not always and immediately lead you to your goal of building a toned physique. Eating healthy does not always equate to eating smart.

To get that body you have always dreamed of and only seen in magazines, you need to be careful and exercise wisdom in choosing the food that you take. Apples, bananas, oranges and lettuce everyday may be great in losing weight but they sure are not enough in building those rock hard abs and big biceps and triceps.

It is important that while you address your body’s needs to lose weight and be clean, you must also add food that are high in nutrients, filled with antioxidants, potent and dense and great in muscle building.

You could begin by slowly adding these foods to your diet. While you may like one of these more than the others, it is highly recommended that you partake of everything eventually to add balance to your meal and accommodate your body’s needs.


This food is among the few ones that are recommended in most diets. Both vegetarians and Paleo dieters are in agreement that this food is a great way to add protein and fiber in your diet to help out your digestive system. Not only that but most nuts are also high in vitamin E, which is good for your skin. Nuts are a good food to snack on. If you find it difficult to eat them plain, why not chop or grind them up and add to your favorite salad or side dish, this way you still get the nutrients.

Turkey Breast
turkey breast

This meat is a good alternative for chicken or pork. Best to buy it skinless so you would not get tempted to eat that part anymore. Turkey meat contains zinc, vitamin B and selenium, a known anti-oxidant that helps prevent cancer. And best thing with this meat is that it contains very little saturated fat so you would not feel guilty eating it and wonder about what harm it could do to your heart and body.


Tagged as a superfood, this grain from the Andes Mountains is known for its low Glycemic score so people who are prone to diabetes, high cholesterol and kidney concerns would benefit well from this food. You can switch your carbs with this and you could still feel full without getting all the bad sugar. It is also high in protein so you get enough nutrients to build your muscle as well.


This healthy food is a favorite among weight watchers because of its high fiber content. A small portion of lentils would keep you feeling full in between meals, lessening your urge to snack and binge eat. It is also a good way to keep your blood sugar at bay and prevent it from spiking up. Lentils are also high in protein so people who are shifting to being a vegetarian could also profit a lot from this food.


You probably hated spinach when growing up and left it uneaten in your plate but this almost-always neglected leafy green is slowly going up the ranks of a superfood because of its antioxidant properties, fiber and vitamin content. If you’re the type who does not like to eat vegetables, spinach could also be bought frozen and you can mix it in your fruit smoothie. This way, you still get the nutrients minus the awful taste.

Green Tea
green tea

Aside from its antioxidant properties, green tea is high in catechins that help your body burn more calories, which in turn helps burn potential fat. Recent studies have also shown that green tea have properties that helps fight cancer as well as Alzheimer’s. Next time you want to drink coffee for a pick-me-upper in the morning, switch to green tea instead.