Make Some Room In Your Bathroom With These Tips


One of the most overlooked rooms in the house when it comes to organization is the bathroom. Bathrooms are a huge part of your daily life but are not really given as much attention as living rooms or bedrooms. Being comfortable in your bathroom is just as important as being comfortable in any other part of your house and that would be hard to do if your bathroom is stacked with clutter or too tiny for comfort. Unfortunately, since it’s not as often visited or seen as the other rooms, bathrooms are second priority when it comes to organization or space-saving redesigning. With a few tips and tricks, you can add more space in your bathroom for more comfort and convenience.

1. Shower Curtains

Monochromatic Bathroom with Sunflowers

Using shower curtains instead of doors are probably the most obvious way to save a lot of space in a small bathroom. Imagine having to open and close the shower door in a bathroom that’s already too small. The door can knock over other things and are simply inconvenient. Use shower curtains instead.

2. Corner Sink


To maximize space, install your sink on a corner of the bathroom. This will leave more room to store other things and is better than having the sink across the shower. Installing a floating sink instead of a pedestal will add more room as well. For instance, you can then place your trash bin underneath the floating sink. However, it might not give you space to store items if you tend to place your stuff on top of the sink. You can then just add a tiny shelf by the sink if you like.

3. Extend the Counter


If the sink is beside the toilet in your small bathroom, consider extending the counter over the toilet. This would give you more room to store other items while keeping a minimalist design.

4. Extend the Mirror


This is especially useful if more than one people tend to use the bathroom sink at the same time. Having only one mirror by the vanity will keep two people from using it at once as opposed to installing a mirror that stretches across the wall, which is the better option. The oversized mirror will also amplify your bathroom’s light and make the walls appear more expanded thereby making the room look bigger overall.

5. Use A Vanity With shelf


By selecting a vanity with at least one shelf, you can add a storage room for your towels or toilet papers. There are multiple pedestal designs available nowadays. There are those that are especially designed for small spaces and can therefore strategically store more items while maximizing space.

6. Towel Bars On The Door


Instead of having multiple towel bars on your wall, one for each person in the house, place them on the door instead. Install them vertically to maximize space and to keep your bathroom from looking messy. If you prefer to have a shower door instead of opting for a shower curtain, attach the towel bar on the shower door so as to maximize space and keep you from crossing the room just to get your towel.

7. Mount Flat-backed, Self-adhesive Cups


There are flat-backed, self-adhesive cups available which you can attach anywhere you like. The great thing about them is that they store long items such as combs and toothbrushes which take up extra space when laid down horizontally on a shelf. Line up these cups on the wall or on the back of the medicine cabinet door (make sure the door still closes) to organize and make more room in your bathroom.

8. Floating Shelf


Mount some floating shelves on high places in your bathroom wall such as above the door. You can place extra toiletries or towels in them when not in use. Basically, they provide some storage room for your items without the hassle of bumping into or moving around the shelves. Add a basket for better organization.