Nine Ideas For Reusing Old Suitcases


Have you got some old suitcases stashed away because you don’t use them anymore or because they’re broken and damaged in some way but you’re too nostalgic to throw them away? Well, there’s no need for them to gather dust any longer. Suitcases actually make great home décor especially vintage ones. With just a few tools, you can bring your old suitcases back to life. The best part is that you won’t even have to repaint them. Keeping the suitcase as it is makes the new item made from it more unique. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to reuse and repurpose your old suitcases.

1. Tables

01 tables

There is more than one way to transform your old suitcase into a nifty table. You can attach four legs on it to keep it upright and elevated, or place it on top of a small desk to add some length. You can also stack up old suitcases and place a tray on top or you can even just keep it the way it is for a low table.

2. Chairs or Ottomans

02 chairs

02 chairs1

02 chairs2

If suitcases can make a great table, then it’ll be just as great as a chair or an ottoman. You can add some cushion on the inside of the suitcase to serve as a seat, and some cushion on the suitcase lid to serve as a support for the back. Then just keep it upright with some peg legs. If your suitcase is big enough, you won’t need to add some legs to keep it upright and elevated.

3. Chalkboard

03 chalkboard

With the use of the ever-so-helpful chalkboard paint, you can transform an old suitcase into a chalkboard. You don’t have to paint the entire thing (but you can if you want to). Just painting a rectangle of chalkboard paint on the front of the suitcase is enough. It makes a great welcome sign or a chalkboard for the kids.

4. Suitcase Bar

04 suitcase bar

04 suitcase bar1

You can use your old suitcase as a bar by simply arranging your liquor on top of it. If you’re handy with tools, you can even turn an old suitcase or trunk into a rolling bar. Hollow out your suitcase or trunk first, then make an opening on one side, attach some shelves, and it’s done. If your suitcase already has wheels then you won’t have to attach some on the bottom. This rolling bar is great to keep at home and to use at parties.

5. Doll House

05 dollhouse

Here’s a great way to keep your kids entertained. Hollow out your old suitcase and add some shelves to serve as each floor of the dollhouse. You can cover the insides with decorative fabric or paper or keep it as it is. You can also make holes in the suitcase for the windows and doors. You can even paint the outside with chalkboard paint so the kids can be creative and change the house’s appearance as often as they want.

6. Medicine Cabinet

06 medicine cabinet

06 medicine cabinet1

Attach some shelves on the inside of an old suitcase to keep your medicines or bathroom necessities inside. Screw the suitcase on your bathroom wall and it’s done. You can even attach a mirror on the outside to complete its look. It’s a brilliant way to add a touch of vintage to your bathroom.

7. Vanity/Inspiration Cabinet

07 vanity inspiration cabinet

07 vanity inspiration cabinet1

Be creative and personalize your own suitcase vanity or inspiration cabinet. Add a mirror and some light bulbs inside or use it to keep your accessories and make up organized. Alternatively, you can add photos, sayings, quotes, books, and your goals to keep yourself inspired.

8. Pet Bed

08 pet bed

08 pet bed1

By simply throwing in some pillows on your old suitcase, you can turn it into a pet bed. You can also keep your pet’s toys inside.

9. Home Décor

09 home decor 1

09 home decor×683.jpg

By simply stacking up some old suitcases, you can fill in an empty space in your house with a vintage décor. You can even repaint the suitcases if you want but mixing and matching different suitcases will be just as appealing to the eyes if not more.