Places to Visit before they Totally Vanish


It is almost every person’s dream to travel and roam every inch of the globe. Many fantasize about what it would feel like to be able to set foot on all the majestic places hidden on this vast Earth. It would definitely be fulfilling to enjoy life by going to places that only a few have seen. However, what if you are a few steps behind? What if by the time you have decided and planned to go, everything is all too late? What if a breath-taking view vanishes just like bubble popped in the air? Well, it is wise to check your destination check-list and see to it that these places would land a spot on the top before you live to regret it. Witness a glimpse of paradise before they are completely gone.

1. Seychelles


An archipelago composed of a hundred islands, Seychelles is a paradise with a white as snow sand and a sapphire blue ocean. It is located near the famous Madagascar. Most of the islands are uninhabited by humans and nature is one the prime priority in Seychelles. Due its low population, pirates take pleasure and find this place a haven. If you want to see for yourself the biggest fish in the sea, the whale sharks, Seychelles is the best place for you. However, a major threat for this archipelago is lurking around. This archipelago will soon be underwater for less than half a century left to pass. This is due to the destruction of the coral barriers and unfortunately, Seychelles is one of the victims of coral bleaching worldwide.

2. Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef

This jaw-dropping natural beauty situated in Australia is blessed with an abundant and stunning splendor of the world’s largest coral reef. Because of its remarkable beauty, it landed a spot and gained the title as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is large enough that it can be seen from space and it can be compared to the Great Wall of China. But the Great Barrier Reef is currently faced with a major problem. It is constantly disappearing at an increased rate due to the harm climate change has brought. This wonder took 8,000 years for nature to create and yet it may be gone the same time most people of the next generation will.

3. Maldives


With its unequalled natural beauty, crystal clear water and magnificent underwater world, stepping foot on its island could definitely take your breath away. This place is one of the most loved and most sought after travel destinations for a lifetime. Maldives is also known as the lowest lying country in the whole world. And because of the drastic change of Mother Earth’s ways, the rising temperature causes water levels to increase. This fact might put Maldives on a difficult light. This might lead to Maldives being the first country totally submerged in water.

4. Venice


This country has long been battling the fight against sinking. Since the fifth century, rising water levels threaten Venice and as of this very moment, water seems to be having an edge. The frequency of floods hitting Venice has also been increasing at a constant rate year after year and this puts Venice in a very dire situation. As of now, only time can dictate how long Venice will still stay above the water.

As the world continues to constantly deteriorate due to the effects of global warming and climate change, more and more marvelous works of nature are compromised. They suffer the consequences of human actions and they may disappear in no time. These places can be considered as treasures and jewels that are rare to find. By witnessing these beautiful landscapes, it can definitely satisfy the longing of your eyes. It is not too late. Visit these places while you still can.