Quick Fixes for Body Parts that Stink

Image from comohacerpara.com

If you think you are cursed with stinky body odor, don’t fret, because you are most definitely not alone. A lot of people are ill-fated with armpits, private parts, feet and even hair that reek with foul odor. And what’s bad is, the stench tends to worsen come summer months, when people are more likely to sweat lots. But the good thing is, for most cases of stinky body parts, there’s always an easy solution. But then again in certain situations, a bad odor may be your body’s way of alerting you that it’s time for you to go visit a physician.  So don’t be the “stinky kid”—know the reason for your bad odor so you can find a suitable solution and banish those odor problems for good.

For stinky feet

Bacteria build-up can cause foul odor, and when you’re feet sweat or get wet, that’s the time when these pesky bacteria start their stinky work. Is there a solution to this? Of course! Your best bet is to make sure that your feet stay moisture-free as often as possible. Make sure to dry them well post-shower and wipe in between your toes too! If sweat is your biggest dilemma, invest in a worthy antiperspirant and spray regularly to your tootsies.  Remember that excess sweat in the foot may lead to the dry skin in between your toes to ball up and form a “toe jam”—which is another icky foot situation.

Use cotton socks if you can as it can absorb moisture off your feet and skip wearing heavy shoes and socks when going out in hot weather. If these methods don’t keep the stench at bay, try a prescription-strength roll-on that’s especially tailored for body odor.

For armpits that reek

If you wash your underarms on a daily basis and puts on deodorant, then you should be okay. However, if you still have stinky pits even after doing the previous step mentioned, then you may be one of those excessive sweaters who need some prescription-strength antiperspirant. In extreme cases, doctors may recommend Botox treatments under the arms as it can put a halt to excessive sweating, thus stopping the prevalence of body odor too.

If you’re not a fan of antiperspirants, you may also use an alcohol-soaked cosmetic pad and swipe it on your pits. The alcohol will kill the bacteria that can lead to armpit stench.

For foul mouth odor

Your diet is the most common cause of bad breath.  Onions, garlic and other spices are known to make your mouth stink for hours after ingesting them. Fortunately, flossing and brushing can fix this almost immediately.

However, if brushing is really not doing the trick, you could have halitosis—a mouth condition caused by bad oral hygiene. Dry mouth, gum diseases and other dental woes may also be a precursor to you having foul breath, so pay your dentist a visit ASAP!

For smelly hair

According to hair experts, the “smelly hair syndrome” is a condition which is characterized by having a pungent odor emanating from the scalp and hair itself.  An exact cause of this condition has not been pinpointed just yet, but experts are recommending the use of antibacterial body wash or soaps containing sulfur to help treat the problem.

For smelly privates

A woman’s vagina has a certain odor because it naturally has bacterial flora residing in it. The problem starts when these bacteria start to proliferate rapidly and starts giving off a foul smell. Your vagina also “sweats” much like any other parts of the body, so it definitely needs washing so bacteria from sweat won’t have a chance to linger for long. Use warm water and a mild soap for washing, and always keep the area dry. If you get real sweaty, make sure to change your underwear and opt for fabrics that let your skin breathe, like cotton.

If you have vaginal odor and you’re sure that you’re doing okay with hygiene, then you may have a case of bacterial vaginosis. Proliferation of harmful bacteria may lead not only to a smelly vagina, but can also lead to irritation, painful urination and discharge, itching and more. In cases like these, consult a doctor for proper treatment.