Repurpose Chairs to Make Unique Benches

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Furniture pieces can get broken over the years. Tables may have missing legs, chairs lose their arm rests, and even kitchen cabinets fall off their hinges. This may seem like a good idea to start considering buying new furniture to grace your home. As for your old chairs, for sure you’re thinking of throwing them away because they no longer match with one another. Well, before you do, why not think about repurposing them to create a new piece of furniture for the home?

Ideas to Consider

It’s true that your old furniture should be disposed of because they will simply take up space in the storage, basement, or attic. But ask yourself this, do you really need to throw your old chairs away? If you are handy with the use of power tools, why not repurpose your old chairs? There are several ways in which you can make your old chairs still useful such as those mentioned below.

  1. Three-chair bench. If your old dining chairs have torn seats, there is a quick solution to this and that is to create a bench out of them. This is a relatively simple project that you can do with the use of power tools, plywood, and cushions. To start this project, remove the seats from your old dining chairs and place the chairs side by side. Put your plywood on the chairs to cover their seats and cut any excess wood. You can add upholstery to the plywood to make your bench more comfortable to sit on if you like. Attach the cushioned seat onto your chairs. Place the finished bench in your kitchen our patio.
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  1. Cottage bench. Another idea for repurposing your old chairs is to make a cottage bench out of them. To do this, simply choose to pairs of old chairs that you don’t need, paint them white, remove the seats and replace them with a cushioned bench. Secure the new seat onto the chairs and you’re done. You can set it up in your garden, your patio, or in your living room if you like.
  1. Two chair bench. This DIY project is almost the same as the cottage bench but this time, you will be adding a back rest to complete the bench. Again, take two old chairs that still have good frames and position them facing each other. Replace the seats with a platform or a long cushion and secure it in place. For the back rest, cut some planks and secure them against one side of the frame and you’re done. You can paint your new bench if you like or leave it as is.

These are just a few ideas on how to repurpose your old chairs into a new bench. Just because your furniture is old, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw it away especially when the frame is still in good condition. With a little bit of creativity on your part and knowledge on how to use power tools, you’ll be able to repurpose your old chairs in no time.