Repurposing Old Desks

Image from Dunn DIY

Everyone knows that furniture can go out of style or may look dull and boring in your eyes. You’re probably thinking of hosting a garage sale or simply chuck your old desks and go for brand new ones. But do you really have to? Just imagine the cost of buying new desks for your house when you can cut your expenses by repurposing old desks. If you are handy with tools and would like to test your craftsmanship, you might want to consider these ideas when repurposing old desks.

  1. Shutter on desk. Your sofa table may be feeling a bit blah at the moment but by installing and old shutter on top of it and painting the entire table in your choice of color, you will have an eye-catching piece that you can decorate with ease. The shutter gives your desk’s surface texture which is a nice touch for a cottage inspired theme.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Tailgate desk. So you’re thinking of retiring your old truck but did you know that you can use some parts for your home? Take for example the tailgate of your truck. You can actually convert it into a desk where you install one side against the wall and the other end tied with ropes to keep it parallel to the floor. Add a chalk board surface and some shelves on the wall for a fun and creative desk to use.
  1. Half side table. A long old desk may take up space but not when you cut it into half and install one half against the wall near your bed for a fun and funky side table. You should also paint it in a contrasting color to really capture the eye.
  1. Closet desk. Small spaces can be tough to design especially when you’re trying to add more surfaces to work on. But just because you can’t squeeze in your desk in your small bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use what space you have. For example, if you have a small space between your wall and your closet, simply add a wide plank in between and some medium sized ones for desk and shelves.
  1. Old bench side table. If you have an old bench outside that you no longer need, you can reuse indoors by adding varnish and cutting one end so the remaining will be attached against the wall to serve as side table in your living room.
  1. Old legs, new top. If the only thing that is remaining from your old desk is its legs, just buy a sturdy piece of wood that you can add on top of the table legs. This will give a vintage feel to your work table.
  1. Log desks. Old logs can be cut into thick pieces and repurposed into desks. Just look for an appropriate leg for them such as old metal chairs to give it a unique touch. Just add varnish to the log to make the surface smooth and shiny.
  1. Piano key desk. This is a nice project to do if you have an old piano that you want to dispose of, an old desk that needs to be repurposed, power tools, and glass top. Remove the entire piano keys from the piano and install it inside your old desk. You can customize the top of your old desk to accommodate the old piano keys then put a glass top to cover it. This will be a nice addition to your living room as a centerpiece that will definitely catch your guests’ eyes.

These are just a few fun ideas on repurposing desks. For sure, you will add more value to your space when you make a new piece of furniture using your own hands.