Repurposing Old Pots and Pans

Image from PlanetSaverz

Most kitchens have plenty of pots and pans on hand and if you’re doing spring cleaning, chances are you’ll be throwing away any pots and pans that have outlived their uses. This isn’t really surprising given that the constant wear and tear can cause your kitchen utensils to deteriorate overtime. However, instead of disposing your broken pots and pans, why not repurpose them into something else? If you don’t want to add to the already growing landfills in your area, here are some ideas that you can do to convert your old pans and pots.

  1. Flower pot. What’s great about small to large pots is that they can be converted into almost anything you have in mind. One of the best ways to repurpose them, however, is to transform them into flower pots. You only need to drill holes at the bottom of the pots so that there will be enough drainage for your plant. Fill the pot with soil and your choice of plant. Make sure that you pack the plant in nicely before watering.
  1. Candy holder. This is a good idea especially come Halloween where you will be giving some tricks or treats to the ghouls and monsters that will be knocking on your door. You can cover it up with some scary decorations, fill it up with your choice of treats, and you’re done. You’ll have candies on hand for the little trick or treaters.
  1. Bring them when camping. Another way to reuse your old pots and pans is to bring them when you go camping instead of your new kitchenware. This way, they will still serve the same purpose as before.
Image from The New York Times
  1. Kitchen decoration. If you have been using copper cookware at home and have decided to buy a new set of pots and pans, don’t throw your cookware just yet. You can use them as decorative pieces in the kitchen for a more interesting look in your cooking space.
  1. Kids toys. Another way to repurpose your old pots and pans is to let your kids use them during play time. Children love to play pretend and giving them your old cookware, the lighter ones of course, they will feel like a real chef with their plastic spatula, knives, and the like. Just hold off on the real ingredients unless of course you are teaching them how to cook.
  1. Kitchen themed gift. If your old pots and pans are still in good condition, why not use them for your kitchen themed gift? Just make sure that you clean your old pots and pans thoroughly and fill them with your choice of kitchen gifts. Wrap them up nicely and you’re done. This is a nice idea for someone who is just moving to a new house or are looking for new kitchen items to fill their space with.
  1. Towel holder. Remove the handles of your pots and install them under your overhead cabinet for easy access to your hand towels. You can pain them the same color as your cabinet too or in a different color for it to pop.
  1. Hanging pots. Another idea to convert your old pots and pans into is to make them into hanging pots. Tie some sturdy rope on the handles of your pots, fill them with soil and your favorite plant then hang them on a tree or post.

These are just a few ideas on how you can recycle your old pots and pans instead of just simply throwing them away. You might be surprised to find on how far your creativity can go with these items.