Romantic and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Women in your Life

Image from Birthday Inspire

Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s, or anniversary gift, the expectations can soar high even when your budget is on an all-time low. If the amount in your wallets limits what you can procure as a gift, then jewelry, blings and other pricey surprises may be out of the equation. However, with careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can still salvage a romantic date without spending a lot of money.

Keep in mind that it’s really the thought that counts, and if you really put your mind into it, gift-giving can be done even on a real tight budget. If crafting is not your thing, don’t worry, there are still a number of gift ideas that you can create for all the women you have in your life.

While DIY gifts are the in-thing at the moment, especially if you’re low on funds, try to think if your girlfriend or your wife really has a need for yet another mix CD? Certainly you can do better than that! Show her your love by gifting her with something entirely unique and thoughtful.

Take her to a tour of the hometown.

If a romantic vacation is on your wife or girlfriend’s wish list, she’ll probably not be too happy if you give her yet another bunch of roses bought from the grocery store.

So why not help her tick something off her bucket list by planning a “staycation” in your area. Check with your city’s tourism department and know the upcoming activities you can attend with your girl, or any city hotspots you can visit for two days.  Look for an affordable hotel or inn and blow her away with a surprisingly cheap get-away.

Make some homemade chocolates and pastries.

Why buy them at those expensive specialty shops when you can make them yourself? Not only will it be a tad cheaper on your purse, it will also be utterly romantic as you pour your love and effort into making your very own version of these sumptuous sweets.

Take her into a trip (down memory lane).

Every couple has their own unique story, unfortunately, too many guys fail at remembering it!

Dig deep into your memory bank and remember about 4 to 5 locations that are memorable or important to you as a couple—where you saw her, where you shared your first kiss, where you went for your first date. The exercise will definitely make for a great reminiscing trip!

Prepare her a breakfast in bed.

This one is almost pretty common, especially if the gift-giver is low on cash. But instead of instead of preparing the usual pancakes plus bacon morning spread, create a love theme for her breakfast.

Get that metal cookie cutter and cut out a heart shape from a piece of bread.  Pop it into a frying pan with medium heat on and then crack an egg into that heart-shaped hole in the middle. Lovely right? The result is a very romantic breakfast fit for the best women in your life. Serve it along with some fruits and a few blooms and watch her be thrilled.

When it comes to gift-giving, your lady can sometimes expect the world! Though, you’ll need to start the day right so she’ll know that you have planned something. A short message on her car is a great way to let her know especially if she’s the type who just rolls off her bed and then go straight to work each morning.