Seven Creative Ways To Repurpose Vinyl Records


Music has evolved a lot since the time of record players and jukebox. Today, music can be saved digitally on many types of electronic devices and they don’t have to take up any physical space at all. But with the rapid advancements in terms of music storage, old means of playing music seems to be of no importance anymore. For instance, those scratched up vinyl records from your parents’ collection are doing nothing but collecting dust. Before tossing them out, know that there are actually a handful of projects you can do using vinyl records. Records are timeless after all, and using them for another purpose today will give them a new life despite having their musical purpose come to an end. Here are seven creative ways you can repurpose vinyl records.

  1. Vintage Cake Plate

Hosting a decade party? What better way to fit the theme than by turning some old, scratched up vinyl records into vintage cake plates? Since the records are already circular, all you have to do is incorporate it into a plain cupcake holder or to add a stand if you want to start from scratch. Vinyl records can hold cakes and cupcakes alike.

Image from Morning Creativity
  1. Vinyl Bowls

To make the vinyl bowls, you have to heat up the record in the oven to a temperature of 400 degrees then curve it upwards into a bowl-shape. It won’t be perfectly circle, though, and that’s what makes it look even better. Once you have these vinyl bowls, they can be used to complement events as intimate as a wedding to days as casual as Mondays. They’re great for any music enthusiast out there.

  1. Side Table

One creative way to retro-fy your home is by turning an old record into a side table. You don’t need much to do it on your own—just the vinyl record, a planter stand, and some hot glue. Make sure the planter stand is not wider at the top than your record’s width. Then, simply hot glue the record in place on top of the planter stand and let it completely dry.

  1. Vinyl Record Clock

You can turn practically anything into a clock as long as you have a clock mechanism. On that note, old vinyl records make a great, unique clock that will surely stand out in your home. Simply transfer the clock mechanism onto the vinyl record using some screwdrivers and such. You can even style the record beforehand to truly make it stand out.

Image from HiConsumption
  1. Placemat

You don’t have to do anything at all to turn old vinyl records into placemats. Just place them directly onto the table and have the food served on top of it. This is a great idea for any retro event you might be hosting.

  1. Record Bag

Step up your retro game by turning an old vinyl record into a bag. You’ll need two vinyl records for this, any fabric of your choice, and some handles. You can either sew the bag yourself or, alternatively, you can secure the vinyl records onto any plain, old handbag you have.

  1. Vinyl Butterflies

Vinyl butterflies are great for styling up any room and they’re surprisingly very easy to make. First, you need to trace a butterfly shape on the record using a white crayon on the vinyl and black crayon on the center. Place it on top of a tin foil then heat it on a pre-heated oven to 400 degrees. It will take about 45 seconds to get the record soft and floppy enough to cut. Cut the butterfly shape. The record cools up pretty fast though so you might have to stick it back in the oven a couple of times. Once you’re done cutting, gently bend the wings of the butterfly upward for a 3D effect.