Seven Interesting Things You can do in Facebook


Social media has truly taken over the current generation. After all, there’s no easier way to stay connected with friends and family even if you’re miles away than through social media. One of the most famous social platforms nowadays takes form in Facebook. Millions of people login to their Facebook accounts every day to repeat the same routine such as scrolling through the news feed, greeting people on their birthdays, adding friends, updating status, and more. Although you may think that you already know the ins-and-outs of Facebook, considering that you login every day, and that everything you know is all that there is on Facebook, think again. Facebook actually has more features than you might have originally thought. There could still 2be a handful of capabilities on Facebook that you have yet to try. Here are seven interesting things you can do on Facebook.

1. Show how your name is pronounced

If you’re one of those people who’d be a millionaire if they received a dollar every time someone pronounces their name wrong, your days of suffering can come to an end. Go to your profile page then go to ‘About.’ Click ‘Details About You’ then ‘How do you say your name?’ under ‘Name pronunciation.’ The people visiting your profile should then see it in the left-side of your page in the section about you.

2. Share Facebook albums

Instead of having your friends send you the photos they took every time you go out, create a shared Facebook album where they can upload the photos directly. Simply create an album then click Change to Shared Album in the top-left corner. Enter the names of the contributors then click Save.

3. Reduce notifications

Everyone finds it exciting to check out their notifications. However, it can be pretty anti-climactic to see that all the notifications you received are useless game invites or unknown group updates. You can’t get rid of all of your notifications but you can disable a lot of them. Go to your Settings then click Notifications. From there, you can adjust which notifications you want to get and which ones you don’t. As for the alerts from groups and pages, go to the page individually and disable the receive notifications from the upper right of the page. Alternatively, you can leave the group or unsubscribe to a page.

4. Make people visit their own page

If you want to play a little trick on your Facebook friends, post a controversial or interesting status along with the link: Although it seems like any other normal link, it actually takes whoever clicks on it to their own profile page. Make sure to click on the ‘x’ on the link preview though or else people will know what it is before even clicking on it.

5. Disable “Seen” on Facebook messages

The “seen” feature on Facebook messages is very handy on some occasions, but on others, it can ruin lives. For instance, it’s good to know if people are ignoring you or not. However, what’s not good is if others find out that you’re ignoring them, unless if you want them to know.

6. Turn off auto-play video

Having the videos on your News Feed play immediately when you scroll through it increases the amount of data you download and you might risk seeing something you don’t want to see. Moreover, when you’re on Facebook to procrastinate, having the videos auto-play will distract you even more. To disable this, go to your Settings then go to the Videos section and change the rule from Default to Off.

7. Save things to read or watch later

Click on the upside down arrow at the top right corner of a post then choose Save video or link. This is like a bookmark option that allows you to view or read an interesting post later on when you have more time. To view your saved posts, click on the Saved button on your Facebook page.