Seven Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Whether it’s for a holiday trip or a weekend getaway, everyone has fantasized about spending some R&R in a far-away island away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And more often than not, once you’ve decided an island to set off to, you’ll find yourself in the midst of thousands of other people who had the exact same idea.

To clear yourself from the crowd, consider going to little-known islands that doesn’t get as much attention from tourists. Although it may be a little harder to get there, you’ll find yourself rewarded with exotic cuisine, captivating culture, and best of all, deserted beaches. You can enjoy your vacation in any of these seven islands you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe


Enjoy Creole cuisine, white sand beaches, and the company of French-speaking locals in Terre-de-Haut, the most appealing of the eight clusters of islands known as Les Saintes. Here you’ll find great overnight accommodations, compared to Les Saintes’ other islands, and the satisfaction of enjoying the Terre-de-Haut view as you travel around the island in a golf cart. Discover colourful reefs and exotic fishes as you go scuba diving and snorkelling in the spectacular underwater world of Plage de Pompierre. French West Indies life doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Utila, Honduras


If you’re looking for a great underwater experience, then there’s no better island to travel to than Utila. Here you’ll find the world’s largest barrier reef outside of Australia with a whopping 12 dive centers and multiple side-by-side beaches. You can even dive with whale sharks. Although it’s cheap, this little island is little known, making it unpopular for tourists.

3. Comino, Malta


Comino is a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that forms part of the Malta. Although you’ll find yourself with some company in this island, the permanent population of the place is just four. Comino is a tiny paradise of just about 1.4 mi. sq. where people can go diving, water skiing, walking, and biking. Aside from these, Comino is best known for the beautiful Blue Lagoon with waters so azure, it seems unreal. Enjoy clear, pristine waters above white sand in this tiny paradise.

4. Vieques, Puerto Rico


Although its days of aerial bombardment have been over for years, the beautiful island of Vieques is still not popular among the tourists. Here you can enjoy a 21-meter stretch of white sand beaches and go snorkelling to discover its spectacular reefs. You can even enjoy a trippy boat ride at night in Mosquito Bay and witness the bioluminescence beauty of planktons.

5. Sifnos, Greece


If you’re looking for an all-in-one package, Sifnos is the best island for you. Home to award-winning chefs, Sifnos boasts mouth-watering local specialties such as chick pea balls, mastelo, and honey pie. Aside from exceptional dishes, here you’ll find traditional villages, secluded beaches, and 277 churches. Enjoy the azure waters of beaches such as Kamares and Epta Martyres while witnessing the locals’ beautiful culture.

6. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


If you’re not against spending some money, you can enjoy your vacation in the 12 sq. mi. archipelago made from sand and rocks shaped into a palm tree that is Palm Jumeirah. It is lined with luxury villas and shops and high-end hotels wherein many are still under construction. This relatively new island would attract more attention once it’s done.

7. Surin Islands, Thailand

Surin Island Khao Lak

Located 43 miles off shore from Thailand’s Phang Nga province, the Surin archipelago is a chain of five islands famous for its pristine coral reefs. Scuba diving in Richelieu Rock will introduce you to purple corals, parrotfish, rainbow wrasse, and whale sharks. Surin Islands also offers plenty of white sand beaches and a nature hike around the islands, such as in the largest of the Surins, Ko Surin Nuea.