Seven Things You Can Make Out Of Aluminum Cans


Beverages and drinks were made more convenient by the commercial industry through aluminum cans. Nowadays, nearly all types of drinks are sold in aluminum cans, including juices, beers, and soda. With the amount of aluminum canned beverages sold every day, it’s easy for these cans to crowd and cause detrimental effects on the environment.

Luckily, aluminum is one of the easiest to recycle metals on earth. Aluminum scraps can be upgraded and processed in order to create new materials that can once again be used by the general public. You can also help in the recycling process by making your own new materials out of aluminum cans right at your own home. Here are seven ways you can recycle, reuse, and repurpose aluminum cans.

1. Lantern


Aluminum cans can be easily transformed into a very convenient lantern. First off, cut and remove the top of the aluminum can. This can be easily done using an X-ACTO knife or a can opener. Then, cut vertical slits every 1.5 centimetres all around the side of the can. Lastly, press down the aluminum can from the top so that the vertical slits push outward, revealing the inside of the can. Just place a tea light candle inside the can through the opening you made on the top and watch it illuminate your room.

2. Bookmark


Being hard and sturdy, aluminum cans make a great bookmark. Cut the middle section of an aluminum can using an X-ACTO knife or any craft blade until you’re left with a sheet of aluminum. Cut the sheet into your desired bookmark width and length and then miter the corners of the aluminum using the blade. Stick your bookmark text on the middle of the sheet using a double-sided tape and then fold every side of the aluminum sheet inward. Make a hole on one end of the bookmark, attach some strings, and it’s done.

3. Curtain


Aluminum can tabs also has its place in the recycling process. For instance, you can make a curtain for your room using the aluminum can pop tabs. Attach each pop tab with each other using any type of thread. This is a great alternative to the usual beaded curtain. You’ll need a whole lot of pop tabs, though.

4. Pendant Light

pendant light

Here’s another great project that uses aluminum can pop tabs. If you have an old pendant light around that needs revamping, just use pop tabs. Simply use a glue gun to secure the pop tabs all around the pendant light to give it an amazing make-over. This will recycle both your old pendant light and the aluminum can pop tabs. You can do this to your other items that need revamping though, not just for pendant lights.

5. Pencil Holder

pen holder

If you need another pencil holder for your desk, you can use an empty aluminum can. Simply cut off the top portion of the can, wash thoroughly, and then paint or wrap the can with any decorative paper you want. You can also skip decorating and just keep the can as it is.

6. Ashtray

First, cut off about an inch of the top of the aluminum can. Then, cut even, vertical strips down the length of the can. Fold all the strips flat outward. Lastly, fold the strip into its adjacent strips until all have been folded.

7. Portable Stove

mini stove

You can make a portable stove out of an aluminum can, perfect for outdoor camping. By altering the shape of the soda can, you can then use denatured alcohol to light up your mini stove. You can even make a snuffer out of aluminum can as well to put out the fire.