Six Amazing New Technologies


In just five years, technology has revolutionized the way people live. Smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets made working, studying, and communicating more efficient than ever. The rapid rise of technological advancements creates new discoveries, innovations, and inventions every day. Believe it or not, this is just the beginning. Most people alive today have witnessed the coming of and the quick developments made in the field of technology. The next generation will then witness more. Technology will get even better and will even be more eco-friendly that everything believed to only exist in science-fiction will come to life. Here are some of the revolutionary products in technology that are not just created by imagination, but are, in fact, upcoming or currently available products.

1. Self-Driving Car


Google is currently developing a car that has the means to travel without a driver. The project is currently being led by Sebastian Thrun, a Google engineer, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory director, and Google Street View co-inventor. Driverless cars have great potential. Aside from getting around even though you can’t drive, driverless cars can lessen accidents caused by human fault such as drunk-driving.

2. Form 1


Form 1 is a personal 3D printer that allows you to produce your own prototypes and will be available soon for $2799. 3D printing is already getting a lot of attention nowadays but with Form 1, you won’t need approval from manufacturers. You can print your own custom design. It also simplifies the entire printing process and utilizes Stereolithography (SL) technology for a higher 3D printing resolution. This can promote creativity and provide limitless possibilities.

3. Google Glass


Project Glass by Google aims to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). Project Glass takes form in Google Glass. Google Glass grants you access to the Internet, allows you to make calls, take photos and videos, and practically anything you can do with a smartphone without using your hands. Instead, you use voice command. It was designed with a minimalist appearance and functions with the operating system software of Google’s Android. It is actually available now to some chosen people for $1500 but the price is still expected to go down as an affordable consumer version becomes available.

4. Eye Tribe


Eye Tribe successfully developed a technology that allows control over your gadgets through eye tracking. This means that you can get around with only your eye movements. As of now, Eye Tribe has developed a technology to allow you to control your tablet, play flight simulator, and slice fruits in Fruit Ninja. This is, of course, still the beginning. The company is still seeking a way to incorporate the technology into the consumer market.

5. Leap Motion


Leap Motion allows smooth control over your computers with only hand and finger movements. It is meant to be more sensitive than a touchscreen while being as reliable as a mouse and keyboard. It allows you to control your computer in three dimensions, thereby revolutionizing the way you play games, design, and navigate through your computer. Multi-touch desktops have already been ventured on but the problem is that the hands can get easily tired with prolonged use. Leap Motion aims to eliminate this by being better than a typical motion sensor.

6. Project Fiona


Razer created the first generation of hard core gaming tablet in Project Fiona. It functions as a tablet, a PC, and a console, and can run all PC games and applications. It features the Intel Core i7 processor, allowing smoother gameplay in the palm of your hands. It has 3-axis gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, and full-screen interface that support multi-touch for optimal user experience.