Six Detox Water Recipes


There is no denying the fact that water is important for your body. But often, the plain taste of water does not make it as appealing as other flavoured drinks. The best solution for this is by replacing your regular water with detox or infused water.

Detox water is one of the latest diet craze that is getting a lot of attention due to its benefits. By adding slices of fruits or vegetables to some water, you can reap more benefits as opposed to just drinking plain water. It keeps your body hydrated while offering the detoxifying and healthy benefits you can get from the fruits or vegetables you infused the water with. Plus, it tastes very delicious.

There are a lot of combinations you can do to make the perfect detox water suited to your needs and preference. The amount of each ingredient you need to use can greatly vary as you can add as much as you want to make it taste the way you like. Here are some detox water recipes you can try out.

1. Cucumber Lemon Mint Water


You’ll find that many detox programs include cucumbers because cucumbers are very hydrating due to their high water content. Cucumbers are very nutritious too. Lemon, on the other hand, can help cleanse your system while improving digestive function. Mint adds more flavour while adding more nutrients and benefits as well and it can improve your satiety levels. Mixing all three in your water gives you the perfect hydrating and detoxifying recipe that can boost metabolism by promoting optimal digestion.

2. All Green Water

As the name suggests, infusing your water with all green ingredients can greatly benefit your body. One great combination includes cucumber, lime, lemongrass, and green apple. Green apple can improve your satiety levels, just as mint does, which helps suppress unnecessary cravings. Although the recipe is alright without it, you can add mint as well, just for flavour.

3. Strawberry and Watermelon Water


This recipe is great for nourishing your skin. It’s filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well as vitamins and nutrients. Just mix strawberries, watermelon, a couple of sprigs of rosemary, and a pinch of salt with water. Just like any other infused water recipe, this is best served cold.

4. Apple Cinnamon Water


This recipe is also known as the Zero Calorie detox water because, as the name suggests, it contains nearly zero calories. Although the apple contains a few calories, it’s nearly negligible. This detox water recipe is perfect for slimming down by boosting your metabolism while having zero calories, as well as for detoxifying your body. The cinnamon is responsible for stimulating your organs to cleanse themselves as well as promote metabolism while the apple provides you with a load of vitamins and minerals. Just mix a stick of cinnamon and sliced apple with water.

5. Mango Ginger Water


If you’re aiming to boost your metabolism, then this is the detox water for you. Mango and ginger are both great at speeding up metabolism thereby helping the fat-burning process. Both are also packed full of vitamins and minerals and various beneficial effects. Ginger, for instance, is a great natural pain reliever. It can soothe migraines, menstrual cramps, and other pains, as well as reduce morning or motion sickness. By infusing mangoes and thinly sliced ginger with water, you’ll get all the vitamins, minerals, and health benefits from them.

6. Aloe Vera Water

Maybe you’ve heard of the countless benefits you can get from aloe vera. Taking it internally can be just as beneficial, as well. Aloe vera can promote circulation and proper digestion while boosting your energy. Just remove the gel from an aloe vera leaf and blend it with water and some lemon juice. The lemon juice can help optimal digestion too.