Six Plastic Cup Crafts


Plastic cups are often used for various events so if you’re fond of hosting parties, you might find yourself in an abundance of used and unused plastic cups. Since the plastic of these containers are quite sturdy, they are great for making a handful of new items or for repurposing into something more practical and useful. If there’s an abundance of unused plastic cups in your home, consider using them for other purposes around the house. If you ended up with bags of plastic cups after a party, don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, clean them out, then repurpose or use them for DIY projects. Here are six plastic cup crafts that will help you get started.

1. Racing game

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All you need is a Sharpie and two clear, plastic cups to make a fun racing game that will surely entertain your kids. On one cup, draw a complex racing track running all around the circumference of the cup until it ends on a finish line. On the second cup, draw a racing car around the lower end of the cup. Then, insert the second cup into the first and align the car with the racing track. Twist the second cup and move it around to make it seem like the car is racing along the track.

2. Number munch

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Here’s another twisting game for the kids. For this, you’ll need a Sharpie, number stickers, and two clear, plastic cups. Randomly place the number stickers on the first cup then draw a PacMan on the lower end of the second cup. Insert the second cup into the first cup then start munching away the numbers. The goal of the game is to twist and pull the second cup so that PacMan can munch at the numbers in order, starting from number

3. Seedling greenhouse

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Clear, plastic cups can provide seeds with a similar environment as greenhouses do with plants to promote the seed growth into seedling. Fill the bottom of one cup with seedling starter mix then plant the seed. Squirt some water on the area above where the seed should be then tape another plastic cup upside down on top. Once the seedling has sprouted and has begun forming leaves, transfer it to a seedling pot.

4. Flower Bouquet

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Plastic cup flower bouquet is a really simple project you can do to add a pop of colour and an unusual decoration around the house. Cut strips all around a coloured plastic cup about three-fourths of the way down. Fold down the strips flat until they spread out of the cup like petals. Add your preferred design at the bottom of the cup to represent the center of the flower then attach a wooden stick at the bottom to serve as stems. Keep them upright by sticking them onto a block of Styrofoam.

5. Sweets shooter

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Next time you’re hosting a kids party or just messing around with your friends, hand out some sweets the unconventional way—by shooting them out of plastic cups. Start by cutting off the bottom of a plastic cup and about half an inch off the top of a balloon. Tie a knot at the base of the neck of the balloon then stretch the cut portion of the balloon over the cut portion of the cup. Make sure the balloon is a tight fit but for extra measure, tape around the edge of the balloon to secure it to the cup. Now, put some candies or marshmallows into the cup, pull down the knotted neck of the balloon, release, and then watch as the sweets come flying out.

6. Plastic cup lampshade

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If you have a particularly large amount of plastic cups waiting to be used, turn them into a simple lampshade. All you really need to do is secure the plastic cups beside each other using hot glue or stapler until you form a large circular lampshade. Manipulate the way the cups are secured beside each other so you achieve your desired lampshade size. Then, you can either hang the lampshade on a pendant light or insert some string lights into the cups.