Six Simple DIY Projects For Empty Wine Bottles


Wine bottles are more versatile than you think. Their elegant, glass container makes them a perfect target for upcycling. With the right tools, you can turn a wine bottles into anything you set your mind to, just be creative enough. Recycling and repurposing wine bottles can be every bit as fun as consuming the wine. The results are just spectacular, too. Here are some simple DIY projects you can do with empty wine bottles.

1. Candle Enclosure


One of the most bothersome tasks is the constant need to light a blown out candle. The solution for this is by using a candle enclosure to keep your candle from constantly blowing out. Wine bottles make a great candle enclosure. The dim glass will give off a mute glow and the bottle itself adds elegance to any place you put it. You can turn a wine bottle into a candle enclosure by cutting off as much of the bottom portion of the bottle as you want. Just light a tea candle and set it on top of a saucer or coaster, and then protect its flame by covering it with the cut wine bottle.

2. Vase


One of the easiest and perhaps the most obvious way to repurpose an empty wine bottle is by turning it into a vase. Simply wash the vase, fill it with water, and add some fresh-cut flowers. The best part is that you can design the vase any way you want. You can even just keep it as it is since wine bottles are naturally elegant to look at. You can also cut the top part of the bottle if you need a vase with a wider opening.

3. Home Décor


Keeping wine bottles as it is can be a great way to decorate empty spaces in your home. Or you can design it to suit your liking and to suit the environment of the room. One minimalistic yet stylish way to design a vase is by wrapping it with yarn. Any colour of yarn will do. Wrap it from top to bottom with yarn and secure the ends with hot glue. Alternatively, you can wrap it messily with yarn, paint it, and then carefully peel off the yarn once the paint has completely dried. This will give the bottle a very chic look. You can even then use these bottles as a vase.

4. Pendant Lights


You can transform a wine bottle into a pendant light by cutting off the bottom half of the bottle and fitting a cord attached to a bulb into the mouth of the top half of it. Make sure everything’s secure as you hang it anywhere you like.

5. Self-watering Planter


As the name suggests, you won’t have to constantly water plants if they’re in a self-watering planter. This is great for growing herbs which you can keep right in your kitchen counter. To do this, cut a wine bottle about 2/3 from the bottom. Then, turn the top portion of the bottle upside down and fit it through the bottom part of the bottle. Thread a wick through the mouth of the upside down portion of the bottle, making sure it’s long enough that it hangs down a bit to the bottom portion of the bottle. Fill the top with soil, and the bottom with water, and then plant some herbs. The wick will absorb the water from the bottom and will sufficiently soak the soil. You’ll only need to add some water on the bottom once it’s empty or if the wick can’t reach it anymore.

6. Chalkboard Painted Storage


Aside from wine, you can also use wine bottles to store small items or food. You can also paint it with chalkboard paint to add a very efficient labelling system. This way, you can change the label every time you change what’s inside. Recycle the bottle again and again. Just follow the instructions on the chalkboard paint, but usually you’ll need at least two coats to paint glass, and paint on a small rectangle of chalkboard on the bottle.