Smart Organization Ideas Using Repurposed Items

Image from Nine Red

Storage spaces are certainly lacking in many households both small and big but instead of spending money on buying organizers so your space won’t appear too cluttered, why not repurpose some of your old stuff for one-of-a-kind storage units? Take a look around your house and look for items that you no longer need but can be converted into something useful. Here are some organization ideas that are made from repurposed items at home.

  1. Vintage suitcase as medicine cabinet. If you have an old suitcase that you no longer need, you can convert it into a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Simply install the back of the suitcase on a blank wall, add shelves inside the suitcase and add a snap or lock to keep your suitcase closed.
  1. Rake head for jewelry organizer. Old rakes can still be salvaged by getting the rake head and using it as your jewelry organizer. Hang the old rake head in the bedroom wall and use the teeth to hold your necklaces and other accessories.
  1. Old crate spice rack. If you have wooden crates lying around that are no longer in use, you can convert them into spice racks by nailing their bottoms on the wall. The extra shelves will be perfect for storing spice jars in the kitchen.
Image from CheerCrank
  1. Crib railing for storage. If you have an old crib that you no longer need, disassemble it first and keep the railings to use as storage. You can hang your accessories, towels, letters, photos, and the like.
  1. Wine box shoe storage. For those who own several pairs of shoes that are already overtaking your closet space, why not convert your old wine boxes into storage? Simply cover the wine box with a nice paper, and slip your shoes in the box. You can stack them inside your closet or in your storage area.
  1. Shoe boxes wall shelves. Is your wall looking a bit dull and boring at the moment? Liven it up by installing your old shoe boxes where you can add some of your knickknacks in them to create interesting wall decors.
Image from LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home
  1. Shutter plate rack. Old shutters can be converted into a plate rack with ease. Simply install one side of the shutter against a blank wall in the kitchen, add some hooks underneath to carry cups and place the plates on the slats of the shutter to keep them in place.
  1. Old drawer storage. Drawers from old dressers can still be repurposed as storage stowed under the bed. Just add some wheels on the bottom of the drawer, create partitions inside the drawer to organize your things, and hide it under the bed to pull out later when you need to get your things.
  1. Shower caddy office organizer. If your old shower caddy isn’t looking stable hung with the shower head, you might want to convert it into a hanging office organizer. Use the caddy to hold notebooks, pads, pens, and the like to free up space on your desk.
Image from WonderfulDIY
  1. Toilet paper roll cord holder. A lot of people succumb to getting tangled with all the cords from their smartphones, computers, and the like. The good news is that there is a way to avoid this mess and that is by using old rolls of toilet paper. Dress them up with some washi tape, roll the cords and insert them inside the paper roll and you’ll no longer have to worry about the mess any more.

As you can see, there are a lot of DIY fixes that you can do for your home to keep things organized. With a little bit of creativity on your part, you’ll have an organized space without spending anything.