Surprising Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds are not only good for giving you a piping-hot cup of your favorite java but for so many other things too. This is true even after brewing them. So instead of dumping them in the trash can, see how else they may benefit your life by reading the following surprising things you can do with coffee grounds.

Odor Absorber

Used coffee grounds are just as good as baking soda in eliminating bad odors. Simple place a handful of dry coffee grounds in a small plastic container, stash it in the back of the freezer or fridge and let them do their job at absorbing odor.

Cigarette Smell Remover

If you like smoking but not the nasty smell it leaves behind, simple place some coffee grounds on your ashtray. This will help keep cigarette smell to a minimum while filling the room with a lip-smacking scent.

Car or Closet Freshener

Place dry coffee grounds in an old sock or nylon stocking. Add about a couple of drops of vanilla extract and tie the loose end. Place it inside your car, closet or any other enclosed space to fill the area with the yummy smell.

Coffee-Scented Candle


Follow your favorite steps in creating a home-made scented candle. This time around, use coffee grounds instead of the usual essential oils. Light up the finished product to set up an exhilarating mood.

Drain Cleaner and Declogger

Simply dump a handful of used coffee grounds down the problematic drain. Follow this with 3 drops of liquid dishwashing and a kettleful of boiling water. Drain clean and clog-free!

Pest Repellent

Something as simple as sprinkling coffee grounds around plants can keep those snails and slugs from touching them. Placing used coffee grounds in strategic areas of the home is also great for keeping ants from ruining your life.

Cat Repellent

Orange peels and coffee grounds together come up with a smell that cats cannot tolerate. Use the mix to keep the neighbor’s cat away from your garden or your very own feline friend from ruining your ornamental plants.

Plant Fertilizer


Speaking of plants, mixing some used coffee grounds with dead grass clippings and dry leaves or flowers makes for an excellent plant fertilizer as it supplies the soil with the likes of potassium, nitrogen and magnesium.

Fireplace Cleaner

Throw a handful of used and dry coffee grounds into the flame. This will create a slightly acidic smoke that helps loosen dirt and debris on surfaces, making it easier to clean your fireplace and even the chimney.

All-Purpose Natural Dye

Experiment with mixing varying amounts of hot water and used coffee grounds to come up with an assortment of golden brown shades. Use the right one to color anything from eggs, shirts to scratches on wooden furnishings.

Hair Color Rejuvenator

If your tresses are brown and red in color – naturally or otherwise – a cheap and effective color rejuvenator is by steeping coffee grounds in two cups of hot water. Allow it to cool, filter and use it to rinse your hair with after shampooing.

Hairstyling Product Buildup Remover

A simple way to eliminate buildup of hairstyling products and restore your mane’s health is by gently massaging a handful of damp coffee grounds into your hair and scalp just before you shampoo.

Sunless Tanner

In a saucepan, mix some coffee grounds and a cup of water. Bring to a boil. Allow to cool completely and rub the dark brown solution all over. After 15 minutes, rinse off and show off your sunless tan.

Dead Skin Cells Remover

dead skin cell

Who needs a super expensive exfoliating product when you have used coffee grounds in your drip coffee maker? Simply add some coconut oil or olive oil to coffee grounds and gently rub on your skin to obtain a glowing complexion.

Exfoliating Coffee-Scented Soap

Look for the simplest DIY homemade soap recipe you can find online. Throw in some used coffee grounds to come up with soap that not only exfoliates your skin but fills your bathroom with a delightful java smell.

Face Tightener

Combine 1/4 cup of used coffee grounds and an egg white. Spread all over the face, careful not to put some of it in your eyes. Once dry and taut, rinse off with water and enjoy tighter facial skin.

Cheap Cellulite Eliminator

It is said that a simple mixture of used coffee grounds and warm water is an effective cellulite treatment. Massage it on problem areas for 10 minutes twice a week. Many claim that results are apparent after 4 weeks.

Do you know of other surprising uses for coffee grounds? Don’t feel too shy to share!