Ten Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Furniture


Before throwing out old furniture, know that there are many ways you can repurpose them to bring them back to life. If you have broken tables, chairs with missing legs, or unstable ladders, don’t fret. You won’t have to add it to your growing pile of junk. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to be handy with tools. With just a bit of creativity, you can transform old furniture into new and improved practical and unique pieces. If you need an idea, here are a few clever ways you can repurpose old furniture.

1. Dresser into TV Stand

1 Dresser into TV Stand

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Old dressers are often replaced with better-looking new ones once you’ve grown tired of it. However, you can easily transform it into a TV stand or entry table to give it a second chance. Remove some drawers and the panels that separate them to make an open space for other items then repaint it if you want.

2. Cabinet into Bookcase

2 Cabinet into Bookcase

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A nifty way to repurpose cabinets with many storage spaces is by transforming it into a bookcase. You can remove the drawers, add some plywood panels, and even add glass cover panels to make it more fitting for its new role. The wide counter space makes it particularly useful for storing other items as well.

3. Door into Headboard

3 Door into Headboard

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Using an antique door as a headboard is a great way to add design while taking up less space in a room. Simply remove the knob and hinges of the door, cut it into the right size, smooth out the edges, and place it on the head of your bed. Keeping the door the way it is adds a unique touch so repainting it is not really necessary.

4. Folding Chair into Chalkboard

4 Folding Chair into Chalkboard

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Folding chairs make a great chalkboard welcome sign for any event. Just replace the damaged frame with medium-density fibreboard painted with chalkboard paint. Fold it three-fourths of the way to keep it upright while effectively displaying the message on the chalkboard.

5. Table into a Half-table Console

5 Table into a Half-table Console

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You can turn a table that’s damaged in one side or is missing a leg into a half-table console for your home’s entryway or hallway. Remove half of the table and use the half that’s still in good shape. Repaint it the color you want then secure it against a wall with screws and hooks.

6. Grand Piano into Bookshelf

6 Grand Piano into Bookshelf

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You can turn an old, damaged piano into a beautiful and unique bookshelf. Hollow out the piano and remove all the parts on its inside. Remove the legs and stand as well as the covers. Add some shelves then secure it on the wall with screws and hooks. Make sure you don’t remove the piano keys since it adds a beautiful, whimsical touch to your bookcase.

7. Soda Crates into Coffee Table

7 Soda Crates into Coffee Table

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Four soda crates can be fitted together in order to make a unique coffee table. Attach the four crates on top of an old table base then lay a piece of tempered glass on top. You can add some ornaments or pictures inside the soda crates to keep it from looking plain and empty.

8. Bookcase into Bar

8 Bookcase into Bar

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The elongated design and multiple shelves in a bookcase make it a great bar to hold all your house’s spirits, liquor, and wine. Simply remove any glass panel door, if there is any, and replace the books with wine, liquor, wine glasses, and shot glasses.

9. Chair into Planter

9 Chair into Planter

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If your chair is missing a seat, simply transform it into a rustic garden planter that’ll surely stand out in your garden or porch.

10. Stepladder into Bed Stand

10 Stepladder into Bed Stand

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An old stepladder makes a great alternative bed stand. The best part is that you don’t have to make any changes at all. Simply place your items on top of each step. This will also minimize clutter as it limits the amount of items you can put in it.