Ten Natural Ways To Detox Your Body


Detoxifying or cleansing your body from harmful toxins is important to keep your body functioning properly and to help you achieve amazing health benefits. Toxins in your body can contribute to aches and pains, digestive and skin problems, and can cause you to feel sluggish. Once you decide to detox your body, start off by eliminating alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, saturated fats, and refined sugar from your diet. All of these act as toxins that prevent your healing process. Afterwards, follow as much as you can from these ten natural ways to detox your body.

1. Drink Up


Start simple. Water is the easiest and most natural way to detox your body since it helps flush out the toxins from your system. If you squeeze in some lemon juice to your glass of water, the lemon will help rehydrate your system and promote digestion, thereby aiding the detox of your body. Drink at least two quarts of water a day and dramatically increase your intake for the best health benefits.

2. Sweat It Out

Exercising not only improves digestion and circulation, but it also detoxifies the body by getting rid of the toxins through sweat. Exercising regularly will cleanse out your body on a regular basis. There are even exercises solely focused on cleansing or detoxifying the body. Sauna can also work to eliminate waste through perspiration but is not as beneficial as exercising.

3. Eat Organic

You should aim for a colourful plate with plenty of fiber to cleanse your body while providing you with the nutrients you need. Include organically-grown fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet with whole grains, beans, legumes, and some nuts.

4. Green Tea

Replacing your morning coffee with green tea is one huge step in detoxifying your body. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, hydrates you, and keeps you from overeating while cleansing and protecting the liver. It still offers the caffeine boost from your coffee, but gentler and without all the edginess.

5. Exfoliate


Dry-brushing the skin and oil massages can exfoliate the toxins from your skin through your pores. This will improve your circulation and flush out the toxins by pushing them out to the surface of your body while relieving your body from built-up tension.

6. Cut Out Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour aid in the build-up of unwanted toxins in your body. They can cause a rise and fall in your blood sugar level which is harmful to your digestion process and health. Instead, opt for fiber-rich whole grains and complex carbohydrates which keep your digestive system working the right way.

7. Get A Massage

A good, intense massage from a registered massage therapist is a great way to detoxify your body. The pressure points in your body is where toxins tend to build up so working deep into the muscles at these points will allow the toxins to release. Drinking a lot of water right after the massage will help flush out your system and allow the toxins to leave your body immediately.

8. Avoid Environmental Pollutants

It is important to breathe in clean air to get rid of the toxins that have built-up in your system over time. Breathing in polluted air, on the other hand, does the opposite and adds toxins to your body. Stay clear of smog, smoke, or fumes which combat your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Using Neti Pot is said to effectively flush your nasal passages and using it before sleep can even enhance your sleep.

9. Manage Your Stress

no stress

Stress keeps your body from functioning optimally and dissuades the production of good hormones. It also keeps the body from cleansing itself of the harmful toxins causing different symptoms such as lack of energy and illness. Find a hobby to relieve yourself of stress or practice emphasizing positive emotions.

10. Try Fasting

Fasting can restart and rejuvenate your body, especially your digestive system. Doing this for a day or two will be enough to feel the recovering effect of a rejuvenated body. Try replacing your foods with juices or smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables.