The Benefits Of Listening To Music


Music has been around since pre-historic times and it has long been used as a medium of expression of gratitude, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and more. And because of this, music has been used for both religious and recreational purposes since. The human voice is believed to be the very first instrument to which music was heard. Throughout the many years of human evolution, many instruments have surfaced including piano, cello, guitar, violin, and many more. Perhaps the reason why music has been around for so long is because music can stir something—a feeling or a thought—to any person who hears it. In fact, the many benefits of music are even backed by science. If you’re fond of listening to music, then you’re on the right track. Here are eight benefits you can get from listening to music.

  1. Makes you happier

Listening to music can make you happier. According to the research of a McGill University neuroscientist, Valorie Salimpoor, your brain releases a “feel-good” neurotransmitter known as dopamine when you listen to music you like. The large amounts of dopamine released can make you feel emotions such as joy, excitement, happiness, and sanguinity. So next time you’re feeling down, just turn up your favourite music for at least 15 minutes.

  1. Ease pain

Listening to music can significantly reduce the perceived intensity of pain. This is especially important for patients under intensive care or palliative medicine who needs more than sedatives for soothing. It can also help people of age who are viable candidates for geriatric care to ease any pain they might be feeling.

  1. Brings back memories

Certain music is linked to certain memories. No matter how old you are, when you hear a song your parents used to play when you were young, you’d remember your childhood. Although listening to music can bring back memories of heartbreak and melancholy, it can also bring back happy memories which you thought you’ve long forgotten.

  1. Improves verbal and visual skills

Many people believe that music can help a child in a number of ways, and that is actually true. For instance, several studies have found that music education at a young age stimulates the child’s brain, leading to improved verbal, communication, and visual skills. So if you want to positively stimulate your child’s brain, have him or her attend music class.

  1. Reduce stress

One great way to unwind after a long day is by listening to music. Soothing music relaxes your body and mind, significantly reducing the stress you feel. Music does this by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol levels in your body, thereby counteracting the effects of chronic stress. Reducing stress will not only make you feel better, it will improve your health and well-being as well. In fact, people who actively participated in making music were found to have a boosted immune system compared to those who just passively listen to music.

  1. Sleep better

Many people all over the world suffer insomnia. Because of this, they have a hard time falling asleep, they have a hard time staying asleep, or they cannot fall into deep sleep at all. A bad night’s sleep can hinder your productivity the next day and make you feel sleepy, tired, or irritable. Listening to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before sleeping has been shown to result to better sleep compared to listening to an audiobook or doing nothing different from your normal routine. Thus, try listening to some Mozart or Bach next time you find yourself tossing and turning in bed.

  1. Increase workout endurance

Listening to fast or stimulating workout music during a workout session can boost your physical performance and increase your workout endurance. This way, you can get through a tough exercise session easier than you normally do.

  1. Energizing

Upbeat music can effectively counteract tiredness or grogginess by boosting your natural energy. This is partly the reason why listening to music while working out improves your endurance and energy to continue. Start the day with some upbeat music to get a natural boost of energy that will help you get through the day.