The Efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia for Effective Weight Loss


Dropping the extra pounds you gained from a long holiday vacation or from years of unhealthy eating may prove to be extremely difficult. Unlike weight gain, which seems to happen almost instantly, weight loss is a painstaking process which involves an individual to invest time, effort, and money to achieve their desired body weight. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time and money to go to the gym or undergo weight loss treatments. There are, however, products that make weight loss possible in the most inexpensive and fastest way possible. Garcinia Cambogia is the perfect example of a weight reduction supplement that delivers fast and significant results. World-renowned doctors praise the potency of Garcinia Cambogia when it comes to inducing effective weight loss. Amidst the buzz, one important consideration that we need to look deeper into is that of its safety. Is Garcinia Cambogia safe to be used by anybody who wants to slim down? Read on to discover everything there is to know about this “miracle” weight loss product.

Where does Garcinia Cambogia come from?

Garcinia Cambogia essentially comes from the Gamboge fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind. It ripens to a yellowish or reddish fruits which grows about the same size as an orange. This fruit is plentiful in counties like Indonesia, India, and few parts of central Africa.

Traditionally, the Garcinia Cambogia fruit is being used in food preparation and cooking. It is being used in curry recipes. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit bears a sour flavour, making it the top choice ingredient for dishes that feature moderate to strong sour flavour. It has been proven that the taste as well as the compounds in Garcinia Cambogia activates digestion, which in turn leads to healthy metabolism.

Revolutionary Fat Buster

Garcinia Cambogia Extract first came to the awareness of the public when Dr. Mehmet Oz featured this “miracle” weight loss supplement on his show. Citing all the benefits one can derive from utilizing it as a weight loss product, millions of people, both men and women, started integrating Garcinia Cambogia supplementation as part of their weight loss routine.

Of course, not all feedbacks were positive, as there were consumers who reported minimal to no change in their weight after trying out the supposed miracle weight loss product. Those who successfully reaped weight loss benefits from its supplementation claimed that it is by far the best and most effective weight loss product on the market. It is of course unclear if all positive reviews are indeed authentic or a part of the marketing strategy developed by those who import and manufacture Garcinia Cambogia supplements, but one thing is for sure- it does produce weight loss results, but not for everyone who had the chance of trying it on the long term.

Hydroxycitric Acid

Experts claim that Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA is the main factor which makes Pure Garcinia Cambogia a powerful weight loss supplement. Studies reveal that HCA triggers weight loss by inhibiting the body’s capacity in storing fats. Extensive studies also show us that HCA effectively suppresses appetite, which in effect enables the body to use stored fat to function properly.

Randomized clinical trials report reveal that HCA is perfectly safe for long-term use, and can be included as part of an overall fitness plan. It does not produce unwanted side effects, provided the dosage of HCA is within acceptable levels.

Studies also tell us that HCA is crucial in promoting stress relief and symptoms of depression among overweight individuals. Those who have successfully lost weight with Garcinia Cambogia report an increased sense of wellbeing from regular supplementation. These positive feedbacks from trying out Garcinia Cambogia increases the self-esteem and confidence of consumers, thus they become more motivated to utilize other known weight loss routines such as working out and diet implementation.

What Makes Garcinia Cambogia unique?

garcinia cambogia

Truth of the matter is, Garcinia Cambogia is no different from other weight loss products which are being sold today. It promises the same set of results at the fastest time possible. The only difference that Garcinia Cambogia boasts is that of safety. Unlike artificially-produced weight loss pills, Cambogia Garcinia supplements are made from naturally-derived plant extracts. Reputable companies only use premium ingredients and are stringly against the use of fillers and additives. The efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia supplement is highly dependent on the amount of concentration of the active ingredient, HCA. The higher levels of HCA mean faster and more impressive weight loss results. Despite this fact, users are also made aware of potential side effects as a result of supplementation.

– Dizziness
– Stomach upset
– Gastric problems

These issues cause mild to moderate discomfort to users, which eventually disappear once the system becomes accustomed to Garcinia supplementation. There are those who stop supplementation altogether as discomforts disable them from performing daily activities.

Another feature which makes Garcinia Cambogia unique is that of the price. Unlike other weight loss supplements, Garcinia Cambogia is significantly cheaper. Due to its popularity, many pharmaceutical and wellness companies developed their own brand of Garcinia Cambogia. Typically, the supplements range from $20 up to $70 per bottle of 60 capsules. The supplement is to be taken twice a day, while there are companies that recommend single dose supplementation daily.

Shopping Guide when Buying Garcinia Cambogia

In order to guarantee your health and wellbeing, it is but necessary to follow certain rules when you buy Garcinia Cambogia. It is true that there have been no reports of complications and side effects from its supplementation, it is only wise to still exercise caution when taking weight loss supplements.

– Be more discerning

It is best to stick with well-known brands, than invest money and safety on no-namers. You will feel more confident takin a supplement from a reputable brand as opposed to that from a brand-new or even rogue company. Although supplements coming from popular brand names are more expensive, they are highly endorsed by wellness experts, and are known to cause minimal to no side effects.

– Consult your doctor before starting supplementation

To ensure that you get the most out of Garcinia Camobogia, it is always best to seek the advice and recommendations of a doctor.