The Most Unusual Houses In The World


Everyone hopes to live in the house of their dreams, though it’s not easily done if you’re aiming for a home close to something peculiar. However, there are still those who did what they can to live out their dreams. Nowadays, you can find almost any kind of home you can think of. Some of these people got creative due to what they had, such as limited space, and some made an unusual home just because they wanted to. They worked their way around architectural drawbacks or with the resource they have to make a home that would suit their liking. If you haven’t gotten around to finding out just how creative people can get, here are some of the most unusual houses in the world.

1. Transparent House—Tokyo, Japan

If you believe you have nothing to hide, think again. The transparent house in Tokyo, Japan was specially designed to expose its inhabitants to passers-by. The house, dubbed “House NA” and designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, imitates the architectural uniqueness of a tree in which a branch is both isolated and connected to another branch.

As such, House NA is the contemporary adaptation of the exposure, isolation, and connection one can experience from living on a tree.




2. Waterfall House—Pennsylvania

One of the troubles that people face when they hope to build a new home is lack of space. Such is the case when the waterfall home on Bear Run in Pennsylvania was created. There was not enough land to build a full home in the area and so, the architect decided to design a house that would be built directly into the site of an active waterfall. The end result was a remarkable house that is truly unique and beautiful.


3. House on a Rock—Bajina Basta, Serbia

You might find it hard to imagine just how a house can be built to balance on top of a rock, but in fact, that drawback has been overcome by a group of young men way back in 1968. The young men saw a huge rock on the river Drina and decided that it was ideal for a tiny shelter. Not only can you enjoy fresh air from how it’s situated, you won’t have any problems with water either.


4. Teapot Dome—Washington, USA

In a town called Zillah in Washington, USA, you’ll find a very peculiar, tiny home that looks exactly like a teapot. You might immediately think that the owner or designer was aiming to create a home meant to fascinate children when in fact, the reason for its creation is more mature than that. It was built to serve as a reminder of the Teapot Dome

Scandal that happened some time in 1922. It was not, in any way, meant to be relevant to a certain nursery rhyme involving teapots.


5. Dome Houses—Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If you think that natural calamity survivors are always left to mend on their own, you’re not always true. In Indonesia, villagers who turned homeless after an earthquake were awarded with 70 houses. There’s no need for them to worry much about earthquakes anymore as the monolithic domes were quake-proof and can withstand strong winds.

Impressive, isn’t it?


6. Skateboard House—Malibu, California

Surely, the current generation of skateboarders will be envious of the skateboard house in Malibu, California. There’s no need to go outside to practice anymore. The skateboard house was built to allow skateboarding in any area and surface of the house, indoors and outdoors. The visionary behind the project is none other than Pierre Andre Senizergues, former World Champion and Pro Skater and founder of Etnies.


7. Slimmest House—Poland

Jakub Szczęsny had little space to build his home, very little that, in fact, he only has 152 centimeters in width available. This did not stop him, though. Wedged between two buildings, the Keret House is without a doubt the slimmest house in the world.