The Top Three Treatments for Irritated Skin


Skin suffering from irritation can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. Our skin, when irritated develops a host of unwanted signs and symptoms. Skin irritation occurs as a result of contact with allergens and pollutants that are virtually everywhere- from the home, the environment, and even from the clothes that we wear on daily basis.
Skin irritation is known to be worse among those that feature sensitive skin as they are more prone to suffering from skin irritation due to the fact that they are more skin is more susceptible to a variety of irritants than the average person.


Escape the Irritant

Once you notice the first signs of skin irritation, it is ideal to get as far as possible from the potential irritant. Close contact to a possible irritant in high concentration levels can results in immediate appearance of signs and symptoms of skin irritation. Make sure to stay away from the irritant upon detection to reduce permanent skin damage.

Seeking Relief

Skin irritation may manifest itself as simple rashes in mild cases. In more severe instances, skin rashes are accompanied by other unwanted symptoms such as swelling, redness, and itchiness. The most effective way of treating symptoms of skin irritation is by obtaining quick relief measures. Washing the affected area with a gentle, but effective cleanser will ensure that irritants are totally removed from the skin. To treat swelling, pain, and redness, it is ideal to apply cold compress to the affected region. Cold compress also soothes the irritated and inflamed part of the skin. The direct application of frozen peppermint leaves also relieves the uncomfortable sensation brought about by skin irritation.

Treating Irritated Skin

There is a wide variety of natural and effective remedies for skin irritation. Here are some of the most effective and safest management interventions if you would like to get fast relief from skin irritation.

Aloe Vera

The entire aloe vera plant is used to soothe skin suffering from mild to moderate skin irritation. The gel-like substance found within the aloe vera leaf is widely popular for its cooling refreshing and cooling effect. The application of aloe vera is the perfect remedy for treating mil to serious sunburns.

Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal has been an effective ingredient for skin irritation for many centuries now. It has long been utilized by our ancestors in delivering relief for both dry and irritated skin. An oatmeal bath is the fastest means of relieving oneself of skin irritation symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, and itchiness. Simply add crushed oatmeal into lukewarm water to soothe the entire body. If you are treating a small patch of skin, it is ideal to apply oatmeal paste into the affected area instead.

Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly

The mild properties of petroleum jelly makes it the perfect treatment option among individuals with skin sensitivities and are suffering from mild to severe skin irritation.


If skin irritation persists or if symptoms such as swelling, redness, and inflammation get worse, it may be best to seek the expertise of a physician or dermatologist. A professional diagnosis will allow professionals to prescribe you with the best treatment possible. Antihistamines and corticosteroids are most often prescribed to people suffering from various types of skin allergies regardless of skin type, color, and skin irritation severity.

Although the above mentioned remedies are sure to reduce your chances of developing further symptoms, the best way to avoid skin irritation is that of avoiding the cause/s of irritation altogether. These products only function to eliminate the unwanted symptoms, but permanent treatment and immunity can only be obtained from prescription medication or total immunity from irritants or allergens by desensitization. Lastly, it may also be best to consult with a dermatologist in order for you to identify skin sensitivities and substances that that you may be highly allergic with.