The Wrong Ways to Work Out


It takes time and effort to become healthy and fit especially for beginners. However, there are instances wherein even after months of exercising, results cannot be seen. This then leads to frustration and eventually, giving up. There could be several reasons as to why your workout isn’t working but the most possible cause is that you might not be working out the right way. What’s worse is that if you continue working out unsupervised, you can actually injure yourself. Before you give up, try rethinking how you work out and the routine you follow. Here are some wrong ways to work out that you might be doing.

You Don’t Mind Your Form

Most people hit the gym and try out different equipment without minding their form. Keep in mind that in every exercise you do, even those that do not require any equipment (squats, push-ups, chest press, lunges, you name it), must be done in the proper form in order to prevent injury and see results. In fact, performing exercises in the correct form must be the first thing in your mind when working out. Being able to lift heavy weights is meaningless without a correct form. It can most definitely lead to injury and you won’t even see any results.

If you find it hard to maintain the proper form while working out then reduce the amount of weight or slow down. Once you’ve mastered working out in the right form, you’ll find that you’ll see results more quickly.

You Have The Wrong Workout Routine

Think of the exercises you’re doing and the workout routine you follow. Is it right for your gender, age, weight, and body type? The exercises you do determines the results you’ll get. Set your goals while keeping your current state in mind. Do the exercises that will give you the results you want. Each person’s body differs from another in some way so mimicking your workout routine from someone else might not be the best idea.

You Don’t Switch It Up

Doing the same type of exercises regularly will no longer challenge your muscles in the long run. It will also limit the targeted muscle group. Once your body already knows your routine, you’ll stop seeing changes and your body will stop burning fat. This is because your body will adapt and will become very efficient in doing the same exercises over and over again. If you want to target a specific muscle group, try different exercises to hit those muscles at different angles. Switch up your exercises to keep your body from knowing what to expect.

You Work Out Too Much And Too Frequently

People who suddenly get motivated to start exercising make the mistake of working out too much and too frequently. The importance of recovery between sessions is most often overlooked by beginners. Excessive workout can put your body into a negative hormonal state leading to adrenal fatigue and reduced performance. To see the best results from your high intensity exercises, allow your body some recovery time to heal the muscle fibers that were torn from your work out session. If you don’t allow your body to recuperate, your health may deteriorate instead.

You Don’t Give It Your All

Exercising should be fun and shouldn’t be a chore. However, if sessions at the gym are done leisurely then don’t expect to see any changes in your body. It is still important to focus on your work outs and to challenge your body with every exercise. This means that you’ll need to push yourself. Lifting weights that’ll breeze you through a set of reps, or taking too many breaks, or ending a session without breaking a sweat is most definitely not challenging your muscles.