Three Things to Stop Procrastination


There are countless of instances when you get fully loaded from school or totally drained by the demands from work and you just want to lie on your bed and sleep all day. There are also moments when you’re simply not on a good mood and as a result you don’t get to do anything productive. This might probably be due to the mindset programmed in the mind that it can be done some other time. Procrastination, the habit of putting or delaying the things that are needed to be done, is one of the hindrances that can keep a person from being fruitful. This is one of the primary culprits why most people who have important deadlines fail to comply on time. The next time you feel so tired and out of energy to do something urgent, here are three effective things that you can do to help chase away the procrastinating side of you and put yourself on the go.

1. Make A To-Do List

Prioritizing the things that are with utmost importance is crucial in making your day productive. Instead of jotting down the things that you are most likely to do, only write down the tasks that you are avoiding. Exclude in your to-do list the things that are already expected for you to accomplish. Only write down the major chores or tasks for the day and seeing that on a piece of paper still not crashed out will surely motivate you to get up and get it started. See to it that your list is specific and that you set realistic estimated deadlines for the tasks to be fulfilled. A to-do list can greatly impact the performance you can do in a day.

2. Cut Off Any Form of Temptations

In doing a certain task, make sure to eliminate any temptations that can lead you to do something else that is not worthwhile. Falling into the pit of temptations will definitely bring you to an unaccomplished and a meaningless day. If games like Clash of Clans, or social networks like Twitter or Instagram, or your favorite TV shows are your weaknesses, then in order to have a fruitful day, make sure to put them away. Consider first which weighs heavier: the tasks that must be done and finished on time or your games, social networking sites, or the TV series that you are looking forward to watch? These stuffs can surely be inserted and done during the free time of the day. Once you take pleasure in doing the major tasks, it can give you a sense of fulfillment and you are more likely going to finish it.

3. Give Yourself A Reward


One of the most effective resorts in eliminating procrastination is giving yourself a reward. Once you’ve already read three chapters of your assignment or if you have already finished your quota for the day, treat yourself by watching your most awaited episode of your favorite series or by buying yourself a meal from your favorite restaurant. That way, you can be motivated to do more. Note that the reward must come after the accomplishment. It is not a good habit to treat yourself first without achieving anything because that might lead to temptation and you might end up doing little of the things you need to do or nothing at all.

Now is the time to get everything started. Every second is precious. Time flies by so fast that procrastination must certainly have no room for daily activities. Stop lazing around and start doing the tasks that you are assigned to do. Also remember that once the task has started, you must see to it that it will be completed.