Tips And Tricks For Making A Room Look Bigger


Large rooms always beat smaller ones. You get to fit more furniture and properties in large rooms while still having enough space to move around. On the other hand, small rooms limit the room’s potential. Small rooms have its upside too, though. They’re easier to manage and maintain and with the right tricks, they can be every bit as good if not better than a larger room.

A small space can feel less cramped and claustrophobic if you follow the right way to design and organize it. Here are a few tricks you can do to make your small room appear and feel bigger than it really is.

1. Rearrange the Furniture


Pushing your furniture against the wall doesn’t really guarantee a more spacious room that feels bigger altogether. Instead, it can make a room look and feel cramped. Try angling your furniture instead and always leave a little space between the wall and the sides of huge furniture to give the illusion of space.

2. Small Furniture for Small Rooms


Avoid large, heavy-weight furniture that takes up too much space in your already too-small room. For instance, a sleek sofa can be just as comfortable as an overstuffed one but the latter will eat up space. Explore different furniture styles and designs for your room.

3. Use Light Colours


Dark colours can definitely make a room look more stylish and cozy but they’re not the best option for small rooms. Dark colours will absorb light instead of reflecting them thereby making the space look smaller. Opt for light-coloured walls and furniture to make a room feel open and look elegant.

4. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture


Another great way to free up some space is by using furniture that doubles as something else. For instance, a couch that doubles as a bed, or a pull-out bed, or an ottoman that has a storage area.

5. Add Some Lighting


Keeping your room bright can give the illusion of a larger space, and nothing can do this better than using natural light. If your room has access to natural light, make sure it gets as much as possible. Opt for large, clear window panes and don’t cover it up with curtains. Alternatively, you can make use of creative lighting effects to get the same effect.

6. Draw the Eyes Upward


One trick in making a room look bigger is by manipulating it in a way that would draw the eyes upward. For instance, you can paint the ceiling or add minimalistic wallpaper, or hang shelves near the ceiling.

7. Add a Mirror


A quick way to give the appearance of a larger room is by putting up a large-scale mirror against a wall. You can add one or two, just don’t overdo it. Opt for an oversized full-length mirror or hang medium-sized multiple ones against a wall to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors effectively bounces light all around the room, making the room look larger. If your room has a nice view of the outdoors, angle the mirror to reflect it.

8. Use Leggy Furniture


Furniture with long, slender legs allows light and air to pass all around them, giving the sense of more space. It gives the illusion of openness as opposed to low furniture.

9. Keep Everything Organized


Nothing makes a room, even large ones, feel more cramped than clutter. Clothes or magazines thrown around on the floor or untidy desks and unmade bed makes a room feel much smaller than it is, and it takes up space, as well. Keep everything organized and tidy to free up space and allow light and air to flow through.

10. Use Striped Rugs


Striped rugs can elongate a room the same way vertical stripes on clothing can make you look more slender. It is an effective optical illusion that can make your room look bigger than it really is.