Tips to Make It Easier to Stick with a Regular Workout Program


One very crucial element to losing weight and getting in a great shape is exercising. Loading up on fruits and vegetables and staying away from fast food simply won’t do. According to fitness experts, you need to devote at least 150 minutes every week to working out — that’s 5 days in week, not less than 30 minutes per session.

For most people, especially those who are used to leading sedentary lives for years, it can be very challenging to stick with a regular workout program. It seems like there is always a reason not to put on their workout shoes and head out. It’s a good thing that having ample motivation and following the simple tips below can make it very easy for you to make exercising a regular habit.

Tip #1: Start Out Slow

It can be very exciting to use all the hulking machines you can spot at the gym or run 10 miles on your first workout day. Especially if this is your first time to work out in years, doing things inappropriate for your current fitness level may only leave you feeling sore or injured. When getting started, take it easy.

Tip #2: Work Out in the Morning


As the day progresses, you will only find more and more reasons to skip working out. It’s generally a good idea to start your day exercising. As a bonus, you will have plenty more energy throughout the day, allowing you to be more productive.

Tip #3: Exercise According to Your Time

As earlier mentioned, experts recommend for you to exercise for at least 30 minutes each session. In case your hectic day-to-day schedule is keeping you from working out for 30 minutes straight, fret not. Breaking it up into several short sessions also allows you to get the full benefits of exercise, such as 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes after work.

Tip #4: Set Realistic Goals

Setting a goal that’s virtually impossible to attain will only make you repulse working out once the deadline has been reached. Instead of aiming to drop 10 pounds in a week, strive for something like adding 15 more minutes at the treadmill or an extra set of biceps curls the following week.

Tip #5: Just Get to Your Chosen Venue


Whether it’s the gym or park, just force yourself to get there. It will be easier to get all the motivation you need to start your routine for the day once you’re already there.

Tip #6: Make Exercising More Pleasant

Sticking with a regular workout regimen is easier if things are more satisfying or pleasant. Perhaps you could switch to a nicer gym or one that’s closer to your home. Perhaps you could buy yourself a pair of top-notch sweat-proof earphones for your portable MP3 player. Money you spend for the sake of exercising is never a waste.

Tip #7: Don’t Go on a Diet

All diets restrict your caloric intake, something that makes you feel less energetic. Having no energy is not really the best motivating factor to hit the gym or park. Make sure that you put the right things in your mouth to be able to carry out everything that you have set for the day as part of your workout routine.

Tip #8: Get a Workout Buddy


Someone who has the same fitness goals as yours can serve as a motivator each time you feel like plopping on the couch and watching TV. It will surely break your buddy’s heart if you bail out. What’s so nice about having a workout buddy is you tend to work out for a much longer period of time, according to studies.

Tip #9: Allow the Family to Get Involved

Run while your son is riding his bike or play skipping rope with your daughter and her friends. Hold a backyard Olympics during the family’s weekend get-together. While getting in a great shape, you are actually making all sorts of wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Tip #10: Opt for Enjoyable Routines

Who ever said that working out should be done with dumbbells and treadmills only? There are so many fun and enjoyable exercises out there. Some examples include hip-hop dancing, playing basketball, martial arts, swimming and wall climbing. Changing things up from time to time will surely keep you from feeling that working out is a bore.