Top Ten Best Cooking Tips


Cooking is an integral part of our lives. We nourish our mind and body with good food. The vitamins and minerals we need play a crucial role in healthy growth and development. And in order to deliver adequate nutrition to the body, one needs to cook delicious meals. Here are tips on how you can improve your cooking for you and your family! These tips will not only guarantee scrumptious dishes, but also offer other equally important benefits such as time efficiency and economy among others.

Woman seasoning food

  • It’s all about the preparation

if you lead a rather busy lifestyle, you may find it hard to cook at home. You end up eating fast food or junk food which both of which is obviously bad for your health. Time management is crucial if your goal is to prepare nutritious meal for your family. The first thing that you need to learn is the habit of preparing the ingredients beforehand. It’s okay to slice, marinate, and season your ingredients the night before. Store them in airtight containers and keep in the fridge over night. They will retain their freshness in this way so don’t worry about serving your family with low-quality meals.

  • Hot Spices in Cool Places

Spices are very important ingredients in cooking as they bring about distinct flavors that make meals more delicious and appetizing. To extend the life of spices, make sure to place the spice racks in a cool place instead of placing them near the gas range. Heat, light, and humidity cause spices to lose their flavor quickly.

  • Always Serve Healthy Side Dishes

In order to prove the best nutritious food items to your family, create a list of healthy side dishes that you can make on a regular basis. Instead of placing too many veggies onto your main dish, try incorporating the use of fruits and vegetables in small portions by means of your side dish instead. Make use of fresh ingredients to guarantee the right dose of nutrients the body needs without having to force your children into eating them instead.

  • Substitute Mayo with Yogurt


Instead of placing mayo on your salad and sandwich dressings, you may go ahead and replace it with yogurt instead. Yogurt, with all of its probiotic goodness is healthier and features just about the same flavors as mayo too!

  • Season Evenly

If you are looking for flavor consistency, the secret to this is spreading the seasoning evenly. You can do this by sprinkling salt and pepper a few inches above the meat, fish, or chicken. With this seasoning technique, you will avoid nasty clumps on some parts of the food item, which end up affecting the overall taste of the dish.

  • Easy-to-make Vinaigrettes

You can save a ton of money and ensure you are giving your loved ones nothing but the best ingredients by whipping up your very own salad dressings. In the case of vinaigrettes, use only a few ingredients so they feel light but still flavorful. Preparation is quick and easy too. Just place all ingredients onto a sealed container and then shake for a few seconds!