Twelve DIY Projects For Your Home


Your home should be nothing less than a place for comfort and relaxation. Otherwise, going home would not give you a chance to unwind after a long, stressful day. It doesn’t require a huge investment to make your home a better place for living. All you need is a handful of creativity and a couple of tools. If you need a little inspiration as to how you can improve your home, here are a few DIY projects you can do.

1. Photo Lamp


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If you still have a stack of photo negatives lying around from the era of the film cameras, consider gluing them on a vertical lamp with Mod Podge. This will keep you nostalgic while adding a touch of vintage to your home.

2. Re-Stuff Cushions and Pillows


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Make your home more comfortable by fixing those saggy cushions and pillows. You don’t have to buy a new pillow or couch to bring your cushions back to life. Instead, re-stuffing them is enough to do the trick.

3. Wall Photo Frame Clock


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Instead of simply stacking up photo frames along a shelf, consider a more creative way of displaying them. For instance, constantly remind yourself of the importance of spending time with the things or people you love by creating a huge clock out of photo frames on your wall.

4. Door Corner Shelf


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If you’re one of those people with an unhinged door collecting dust in the attic, use it to liven up your home instead. Cut the door in half then add some shelves to make a unique corner shelf that will keep your house looking interesting.

5. Zebra Rug


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By simply making a zebra stripes stencil out of Kraft paper and tracing it out on a vinyl using a gold leaf pen, you will then have your own DIY Zebra Rug. The best thing about this rug is that it would fit any room in your home.

6. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage


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Keep all your small-sized bathroom necessities in order by storing each type separately on a couple of mason jars. Arrange the mason jars on a shelf to create a soothing display that would surely step-up your bathroom’s overall appearance.

7. Twinkling Twigs


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Bring tranquillity to your house by creating a beautiful centrepiece that would surely stand out especially in the evening. First off, use a hot glue to secure a bunch of twigs around a transparent container. Place a small candle or tea light in the container, light it up, and watch the light twinkle through the twigs.

8. Wine Bottle Lights


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Fill an empty wine bottle with Christmas lights to create a soothing, dim glow. Place a couple of these wine bottle lights around your house and light it up in the evenings for an intimate feel.

9. Yarn Paint Roller Wall Design


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Create an easy design for your walls by painting a chosen colour on it using a yarn tied around a paint roller. This way, you can get rid of those plain walls without worrying about the hassle of putting up new wallpaper.

10. Broom Paint Wall Design


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Here’s another way to liven up your walls. Before the paint dries, run the ends of a broom across the wall in any direction you like in order to get a beautiful, rustic wall design.

11. Washi Tape Cords


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Make the cords running all around your home look less unappealing by styling it up with washi tape. Be creative and decide how you would use washi tape to design the cords in your house.

12. Jar Lanterns


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Wrap some yarn around any jar or container you choose then paint the outside of it completely with any colour you want. Once the paint completely dries, carefully peel off the yarn. Place a small candle or tea light inside the container, light it up, and watch the jar beautifully illuminate your room.