Twenty Food Hacks And Tricks


There are tons of ways you can make your kitchen life easier. You probably just don’t know most of them. Here are 20 food hacks and tricks for you.

1. You can keep your bananas from over-ripening for four to five days longer by wrapping its top with plastic wrap. You can wrap the bananas as a group or you can wrap them individually.


2. Make pancakes easier and mess-free by using an empty ketchup bottle. Pour your pancake batter inside the ketchup bottle and squeeze the batter directly into the pan.


3. Quickly core a lettuce by smashing the lettuce core down hard on a surface. This will push back the core and detach it from the rest of the lettuce. Simply take out the detached core afterwards.


4. By using any plastic bottle, you can easily separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. After breaking the egg on a plate or saucer, use the plastic bottle as a vacuum to suck in the egg yolk and transfer it to another container.


5. Place the wooden spoon handle in the hole of the pot handle to keep it from dripping on your stove or counter.


6. Use frozen grapes instead of ice to chill a glass of wine. It will enhance the wine’s flavour and keep the wine from tasting diluted as is the case when ice melts.


7. If you cut off the top part of a plastic bottle, you can then use the bottle cap as a bag sealer. Simply insert the opening of the bag through the bottle opening, spread out the bag opening, and screw on the bottle cap. You can even use it to easily transfer dry ingredients from the bag.


8. You can cut a cake neatly and evenly into slices or layers by replacing a knife with unscented dental floss.


9. Easily slice cherry tomatoes by holding them in place between the back of two plates and running your knife in between.


10. Reach for a spoon instead of a knife when peeling ginger. Just use the spoon as you would use a peeler. It’s easier and wouldn’t waste any ginger unlike when you’re using a knife.


11. Citrus fruits such as lemon taken straight out from the refrigerator are often hard to squeeze and juice. To get the most juice out of your citrus fruit, microwave it first for 20 seconds before cutting in half and squeezing.


12. There’s an easy and mess-free way to remove broken egg shell pieces that got in your egg. Wet your fingers before reaching in for the egg shell and you’ll find that the egg won’t stick on your fingers anymore.


13. Alternatively, you can use the larger egg shell itself to remove an egg shell piece from an egg.


14. You can hold your taco upright and keep its contents from falling and making a mess by using a fork. Simply wedge the taco in between the fork teeth.


15. Easily core out strawberries by inserting a straw right in the middle of the bottom of the strawberry.


16. You can test the freshness of an egg by tossing one in a glass or bowl full of water. Very fresh eggs will sink on their sides. Old eggs that are still good to eat will sink but at a tilted position. Older eggs will sink with the fat end up but are still edible. Spoiled eggs that are no longer safe to eat will float to the surface of the water.


17. You can easily make hash browns by tossing shredded potatoes on a waffle iron.


18. Level up your iced coffee by using Oreo milk and cookie ice cubes instead of plain ice. Simply crush a bunch of Oreo cookies, place them on an ice tray, pour some milk, and freeze.


19. Keep vegetables from getting soggy by keeping them in a bag, blowing inside it, and sealing tightly. The CO2 will keep the vegetables crunchy.


20. Keep your ice cream soft by refrigerating it with the container inside a ziplock bag.