Unique Ideas for Bookmarks

Image from Guide Patterns

Reading is always a pleasurable experience especially as books can transport you into different worlds without even having to leave your home. What’s more, you are introduced to various characters such as the heroes, villains, and everyone in between with their stories tugging at your heart strings. Unfortunately, there are some who have a hard time finding the page where they last stop because they don’t have a proper bookmark to mark their place. Yes, you can use a piece of paper, paperclip, and whatever it is in your area as bookmark but why not make something unique to make your reading that more enjoyable?

  1. Crochet flower. A little DIY project that is perfect for those who are good in crocheting, you can actually make a bookmark by crocheting a flower with a long stem. The stem will be inside the book with the flower marking where you last stopped reading.
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  1. Monster corner bookmark. Most bookmarks are placed near the spine of the book but what about the edge of the paper? Corner bookmarks with monsters as designs will certainly look more appealing even as you mark the page that you are reading.
Image from Oh My Drifter
  1. Heart shaped bookmarks. If you are planning on making your own bookmarks, how about making heart shaped ones? You can use old glossy magazines cut into heart shapes then place them on a thicker board so that it will be easier for you to mark your book with it.
Image from Oh My Drifter
  1. Fox bookmark. For those who are good in making crafts, creating a fox bookmark is something worth looking into. You will need to draw the face of the fox first then cut it so you can attach it into a panel but not the whole face mind you. Just the upper portion so that you can put the page in between.
Image from Aliexpress
  1. Metal shapes. Another unique idea when making a bookmark is to use malleable metal and shape them into different words, shapes, or even animals if you have mastered the technique of contouring. Make sure that they can be inserted into your book so you won’t get lost.
  1. Garter bookmarks. Here’s an idea that you can use when making your own bookmark. You only need a garter and a piece of cloth cut into your desired shape. For the cloth, simply sew the edges to create a thicker decoration. Cut the garter and attach the ends to one another to create a loop. Glue or sew the décor in the middle of the garter and you’re done. You now have a new bookmark to use.
Image from The Seasoned Homemaker
  1. Tea bookmark. Another idea that you can use is to make some tea bookmarks. Cut a teacup shaped marker then attach a string just like with the tea bags that you are using. You might even want to make yourself a cup of tea while reading while you are at it.
Image from I Heart Nap Time
  1. Button bookmarks. This one is quite simple to do. You only need a couple of paper clips and different buttons. You can even use other materials to dress up one end of the paper clip. You can glue the buttons and other decorations on it and you’ll have a dressed up paperclip to mark your last page.
  1. Whale bookmark. A little creativity can go a long way especially when it comes to making unique bookmarks. One way to make your bookmark stand out is to cut out the shape of a whale’s tail and attach it to one end of your bookmark. This way, it will appear that the whale is diving inside your book.