Unusual Health Practices Proven to Be Effective


Ages ago, when science and technology were still on their way in making world class innovations, many methods were practiced to enhance people’s health. These practices might leave you on a state of doubt, but rest assured that these are worth trying and that these were proven to be effective. Here are some of those unusual practices found to be true:

1. Lose weight by eating more

This method is not something many people would risk trying. This practice may be a rule that you are most likely doing your best to avoid but you might want to consider. This works best when the additional meals or foods you take are nutrient rich such as cheese, yogurt, fruit and veggies. Eating additional healthy snacks aside from your daily balanced meals can help your stomach stay full and it can hinder you from eating too much on your next meal.

2. Get healthy teeth by not brushing after eating

It is a dentist’s advice to brush every after meal. This definitely can help you maintain your teeth free from cavities. However, it is important to know that brushing your teeth immediately after acidic meals or drinks is a big no. Acidic foods and drinks can soften the tooth enamel which serves as the first line of defense of the teeth. If you brush right after, the acid can erode the enamel’s layer underneath. Wait for about 30 to 60 minutes for surer, healthy teeth outcome.

3. Exercise when tired

After a week of seemingly endless workloads, exercising would be the last thing you would want to do. Being tired plus doing an exercise is probably not a good idea. But don’t you know? Once you become so tired that the only thing you’d want to do is lie in bed and watch your favorite TV show, sweating through exercise can actually energize you. Exercise has the ability to stop the tiresome feeling and reload your energy to a better level. Doing your regular exercise amidst your tired body can help you function efficiently and you would not tire as easily in the long run. The mental state and capacity when a person is tired will also be improved.

4. Stop migraine by snuffling an apple

One of the common phrases which relates to health is ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Aside from the countless health benefits an apple can give, it is also an exceptional remedy to combat migraine. According to a study, migraines can be reduced just by sniffing a green apple. The pleasing smell of this apple can provide a relaxing feeling and can reduce tension.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it turns out they may have specific health benefits beyond that. The pleasant smell can direct the mind from thinking about the pain to the fragrant odor it produces.

5. Boost brain power by chewing a gum

When you have a hectic schedule and you end up rushing to catch up on time, your focus and alertness might falter. If you do not have the time to brew or buy some coffee, minted chewing gums is a great alternative. These chewing gums can not only give you fresher breath but it can enhance your mental capacity as well. Moreover, you won’t feel as tired too, just like what you’d expect from a cup of coffee.

These practices might seem different from what you’d expect. These may be not included in the norms the public have set or the mainstream methods most of the people do. But once you try these methods, you will surely see for yourself its astonishing effectiveness that might even leave you in awe.