Ways to Repurpose Old Purses

Image from DIY Tutorial Ideas

Purses may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to fashion as they sometimes clash with your outfit or you just haven’t found the time of day to use them being bulky and all. Most of the time, our purses end up in our closets or dressers forgotten and taking up space too which isn’t really a good thing especially when you need that space for your clothes and other important stuff. Yes, throwing them away is an option but why not repurpose them instead?

If your purses are still in good condition but you’re not really interested in using them anymore, you can use them for other purposes instead. Here are some examples of what you can do with your old purse that will make life more convenient for you.

  1. Sewing kits. No home will be complete without a sewing kit for those emergency sewing needs so if you are planning on buying sewing items but don’t know where to place them, you can make use of your old purse particularly if it has a flat bottom. Organizing your sewing materials can make your sewing projects a whole lot easier because you will have everything on hand and in just one bag. You can add compartments to your purse too to hold threads, needles, and scissors among others so they won’t spill and mix together.
  1. Toiletry kit. Traveling is definitely a fun activity to do with family and friends but stuffing your toiletries in your bag pockets is not really a good idea because you might forget something when packing. The best way to solve this problem is to convert your old purse into a toiletry kit so that you can simply throw in the purse inside your backpack without worrying about missing anything at all. What’s more, putting your toiletries inside your purse can help keep your stuff organized and prevent spills as well.
  1. Emergency kits. It pays to be prepared at all times especially when you’re on the road most of the time as accidents can happen from time to time. A good way to ensure that you have what you need at these times is to convert your old purse into an emergency kit. Fill your purse with some snacks, water, flares, gauze, tape and what not and slide the purse under your car seat. This way, you won’t have to search your entire car for your emergency kit plus it won’t take up space in your glove compartment too.
  1. Organizer. Tax season can be a pain in the neck especially when you’re files are scattered all over your den or office. Converting your old purse into a file organizer can help make things easier on your end because everything you will need for your tax will be right there in one place.
Image from Etsy
  1. Resell. If you want to earn a quick buck or two, revamp your old purses by adding some accessories or dyeing in another color and sell them online. Not only will you earn money but you’ll be giving your old purse a new life by letting others use them.
  1. Donate. Here’s another idea on what you can do with your old purses. If they are still in good condition donating them to a local charity is worth it. This way, others can find a use for them especially those who don’t have money to buy one.

These are just a few ideas on what you can do with your old purses. You can dress yours up with beads and paint if you like. The sky is the limit to what you can do with your old purse. Just let your creativity loose.