Ways to Use Fruit Peels at Home

Image from Instiks

Eating fruits can provide you with numerous health benefits such as better immune system, low blood pressure, and good complexion just to name a few but most of us don’t realize that fruit peels have other uses too aside from being part of the compost heap that you have in your backyard. How to use your fruit peels? Here are some worth keeping in mind.

  1. Make your coffee pot shine. Is your coffee pot looking a bit dirty and dingy with debris still clinging on hard to reach areas? A good trick to solve this pesky problem is by adding some lemon rinds, salt, and ice and swirl for two minutes. Dump the contents and wash to reveal a shiny coffee pot to use.
  1. Dye fabric. Did you know that you can dye your clothes using fruit peels specifically pomegranate peels? Get a large stainless steel pot and fill it with hot water. Add the pomegranate peels and leave them overnight. Let the water simmer the following day before removing the pomegranate peels. Add the fabric that you want to dye and let it simmer for an hour before allowing it to cool overnight. Remove the fabric the following day and rinse with cool water. Wash it with clothes that have the same color.
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  1. Create zest. Citrus fruits are often used to add zest in dishes but if you don’t need them at the moment, you can still make zest and leave it for future use. All that you have to do is to use a zester or microplane to grate the outer layer of the fruits. Avoid the layer of pith as it produces a bitter taste. Freeze them in a container or you dry the zest by spreading them on a towel and leave them to dry. Place them in a container for later use.
  1. Make brown sugar soft. Storing brown sugar means ending up with a brick of brown sugar to work with in the kitchen but did you know that adding lemon peel to it can actually prevent it from hardening? Just make sure that the pith and pulp from the lemon are removed.
  1. Get rid of grease. Most of us use cleaning products to get rid of the grease in our kitchen but although they do the trick, the chemicals used can be transferred to other items including food unknowingly. If you want to have a peace of mind that you won’t be affected by the chemicals found in your cleaning products, why not use citrus peels to clean up the mess? Sprinkle some baking soda or salt on the affected area then rub it with juiced lemon halves. Make sure that you don’t use it on sensitive surfaces like marble.
  1. Cleaning tea kettle. If drinking tea is your favorite afternoon habit, your tea kettle probably has plenty of debris left behind. A good trick to cleaning your kettle is by filling the kettle with water and a handful of lemon peels. Bring the contents to a boil. Turn the heat off and let the contents sit for an hour before rinsing.
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  1. Freshener. Another idea to use when it comes to your citrus peels is to use them as fresheners. All that you have to do is place the peels inside a scent bag and place it in your dresser drawer to get rid of any foul smells while making your clothes smell good.

As you can see, even citrus peels have numerous uses which you can do in your own home. For sure, you will be looking for other ways on how to use these peels.