Which Is Better… Cans or Plastic Bottles?


It truly is undeniable how impure and polluted the environment has become. However, one cannot dismiss the fact that with the advancement of industrialization, it has brought benefits in the aspect of uplifting the economy and opening countless of opportunities. As the industry flourishes, Mother Nature has been and is at this very present still compromised. If only the air and water can speak or if only the human eyes can see how filthy these resources are now then maybe it can open the initiative of many to start finding ways in making the Earth a much better place to live on for the future generations that are yet to live.

When going grocery shopping in supermarkets or convenience stores, hundreds of piles of cans and bottles are laid. If one sought to buy soda, water or any beverage for that matter, it is difficult to choose. Some often end up in a dilemma on which one to purchase, the canned one or the one in the plastic bottles. The brand of drinks may be the same but since the containers are different, it seems that the taste varies too. Well, in order to enlighten future buyers and to take away that waste of time and effort in carefully deliberating which one is a much better option, this is what surely stands out than the other beverage containers: the plastic bottle.

Both plastic and can containers use a considerably huge amount of natural resources and a lot of energy for their production. However, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted in the production of plastic bottles than in the equivalent number of cans. Greenhouse gases are responsible in trapping the heat in the atmosphere accounting to the warmer temperature experienced today. This makes bottles a greener and wiser choice.

When it comes to convenience, bottles can still be considered as the victor. When buying a drink, there is a tendency that one cannot finish it in one go. And if the container used is can, once you open it, you definitely need to finish it immediately or otherwise end up spilling or throwing away the drink. Unlike the canned drinks, you have the ability to open and close plastic bottle containers anytime you want. You have the choice to drink from it and reserve a sip for later without spilling any of your drink.

plastic bottle

Recycling is one of the best ways in reducing the wastes that the world brings forth to the Earth. When it comes in this facet, though both can be efficiently recycled, bottles are still a better option. Plastics are flexible, transparent and resilient. You can use the purchased plastic bottle as your container the next time you go out. That is something cannot do with can. Both may be a wonderful medium when it comes to craft, but the variety of art masterpieces of plastic bottles can outweigh cans. Cans can also be easily crumpled and getting it back to its originals form is not easy.

Determining which of the two is the ultimate winner in this fight is surely not an easy task. It takes a lot of things to consider, not just environmentally but as well as which would be handier and would be a wiser choice economically. Plastics are labeled to be one of the most hazardous elements for the environment. However, one cannot take for granted the lightweight, convenience and the recyclable characteristic of these plastics.
Though grabbing a drink to quench your thirst cannot be avoided especially when on the go, it is important to remember that taking a portion of your time in preparing a drink from home with the use of reusable bottle is way better. And if it really can’t be avoided, make sure that the bottles you’ll use, or if you opt to still purchase it, the cans, are reused wisely.