Why It Makes Sense to Work Hard to Stay Fit


Today’s world is an irony of sorts. Even though we have technology that allows us to do more with less time, we’re always finding ways to run out of time – and energy – to do things. One of the usual victims of this setup is exercise and other activities that can keep you healthy. And yes, the effects of not keeping in shape are more dangerous than we think.

stay fit

Here are some details, tips and guidelines on how exercise and watching our health can be good not only for our bodies.

Diet needs exercise

Many people think that once as long as they keep to a proper diet, they can stave off obesity and sickness. This is partially true, in the sense that a good diet will of course, lessen a person’s health issues. However, a good diet on its own is wasting half the potential of the diet itself. Exercise, or at least needed physical activities like cleaning the house, help your body get the right nutrients to maintain and develop your body. So that means, even if you have a great low-cholesterol diet, you may still end up being fat if you’re not doing anything to burn off what little cholesterol there is, anyway.

Exercise shock

On the other hand, exercise can also be bad for you if it’s overdone. There’s also a bit of logic in the issue.

For example, in the first case, it’s a bad idea for you to jump in immediately to heavy gym activities, for example, if you’ve just started. All you’ll get are muscle tears, tendon and ligament injuries, and probably even joint cartilage problems. You have to remember that your body, while it is probably one of the most brilliant biomechanical devices ever made, is not a swap-in-swap-out machine. Rather, it’s a living machine that adapts to the level of exertion and wear and tear that is given to it over a period. That means that before you can lift those killer barbells, you may have to start out with stretching and low weights to make you limber first.

In another example, you may want to concentrate on certain parts of the body, but you may end up neglecting other key parts. This is most obvious with men or women who go for chest, arm, or posterior enhancement, but forget to work on their back muscles (which is different from your abdominal six-pack, by the way).


The key to a healthy body is to balance all the factors – it’s even possible that in doing so, you can also get rid of other health ailments that may be plaguing you, like hypertension, diabetes and arthritis. That’s because if you are constantly exercising and pursuing the right diet, you’re also encouraging your body to rebuild itself using the components from your healthy diet. If you exercise and eat right, don’t be surprised if you feel great – chances are, aside from looking good, your body is internally fixing itself so that you can live a longer, more productive life.